• Meter and Software Trainings
    Electro Industries GaugeTech is offering a Virtual Software and Meter training for current and prospective customers. Over 10 weeks we are offering five 2-hour courses focusing on our Next Generation EnergyPQA Energy Management Software and Nexus and Shark series’ of meters. This is an excellent course for both the novice and experienced user.

In these courses you will:

  • Learn to set up, collect and analyze data from energy management software
  • Understand the metering and Energy Management software technology as it applies to your application
  • Program and customize your meters for your exact needs
  • Learn how to collect, extract, and analyze data from Nexus and Shark Series meters using Communicator PQA software
  • Understand and customize security on Nexus and Shark series’ meters and Energy Management Software
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the full functionality of your Nexus and Shark meters

The dates and agenda the trainings are as follows:

Electro Industries/GaugeTech

Shark 100/100S/200/200S/
250/270 – Programming

Wednesday April 21, 2021 @ 11am-1pm EST

  • Model Comparison
  • Hardware Overview
  • Security Options
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  • Communication Ports
  • Optional I/O Modules
  • V-Switch Options

Programming via Faceplate
Connecting to meter

  • Direct
  • Wireless Connection

Real-Time polling features

  • Editing, uploading, saving device profile.
  • Historical Log Download
  • Log Viewer
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Electro Industries/GaugeTech

Nexus 1500+, 1450, 1252, 1262/1272 Programming Part 1

Wednesday May 5, 2021 @ 11am-1pm EST

  • Hardware Overview
  • Communication Ports
  • External Modules
  • V-Switch Options
  • Advanced Security Options
  • Synchro phasor
  • Connecting to meter
    • Serial
    • Network
  • Real-Time polling features
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Electro Industries/GaugeTech

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