Advanced Portable Power Quality Analysis

  • Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis
  • Circuit Analyzer Functions
  • Load Flow and Historical Trending Capability
  • Watertight Outdoor Enclosure
  • Advanced Software Analysis Tools Included
  • Optional Artificial Intelligence Reporting Package
  • Easy to Use and Operate
  • Touch-Screen Graphical Display
  • Based on the Nexus 1252 Platform


The PDA1252 is a portable power quality analyzer designed to be used with outdoor ready connections. The unit is ideal for load surveys, monitoring transformer banks, indoor and outdoor electrical monitoring and power quality analysis. The PDA 1252 is mounted in its own watertight carrying case and uses watertight connectors to connect voltage and current leads.

Power Quality Recording Capability

The PDA 1252 is a comprehensive Energy and Power Quality Analyzer. It
measures every aspect of power and provides extensive tools for recording trends and power quality events. Recorded capabilities include:

  • Voltage Surges and Sags
  • IEC 6100-4-15 Flicker Analysis
  • Current Fault Signatures
  • Harmonics / Inter-harmonics
  • Graphical Waveforms Recorded
  • Transient Events on a Cycle by Cycle Basis
  • View data using Top Rated Communicator EXT Software
  • Optional Artificial Intelligence Reporting of Power Quality Causes and Solutions

Historical Trending / Load Profiling

The meter has extensive on-board data-logging for any desired historical analysis. Monitor the following over any desired historical trending window:

  • Voltages
  • Current Distribution
  • PF
  • Watt/VAR/VA
  • Frequency
  • Energy Accumulated
  • Log Both Instantaneous and Average Readings
  • Programmable Trending Profiles
  • Easy to Use and Set Up

Superior Mechanical Design

The unit was designed using a watertight outdoor rated enclosure. All terminations are additionally watertight. This allows the analyzer to be used in harsh environments or outside the incoming utility feed to building. The unit can be powered using line voltage or through a separate line cord.

Two Models

Low Voltage – PDA1252-1A

This version of the unit offers a 1 amp secondary input for low voltage applications. This allows the unit to work with up to 600 Volts Phase to Phase. There are 3 clamp on probes available for 100 amps, 1000 amps and 3000 amps primary circuits.

Hi-Voltage – PDA1252-5A

This version of the unit takes a direct 5 amp input for use with test leads on existing hi-voltage installed current transformers or with 5 amp rated probes. This allows the unit to be used as a circuit analyzer as well as a portable power quality monitor. Using this mode, the unit can be used as a circuit analyzer allowing users to verify CT and PT connection wiring to meters and protective relaying equipment.

Power Line or Power Port Power Supply

The PDA 1252 is designed to be powered using two different methods. The first method allows the unit to power from a 208 – 480 V AC Phase AB Voltage line connection. The unit also utilizes a wall plug for remotely powering the unit. The wall plug allows the unit to be used in conjunction with a UPS to remain powered through power outages.

Advanced Touch Screen Display

The PDA 1252 utilizes a touch screen display that allows real-time data to be viewed easily. Stored logs and recordings are viewed with a simple RS232 port.

  • For orders outside US, additional charges may apply. Contact EIG directly for details.