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MeterManagerPQA™ Software Meter Data Collection Server

MeterManagerPQA™ is a software service application that runs in conjunction with the CommunicatorPQA™ application as an automated service on a computer. It functions as an automation engine to manage meters for users.
It consists of 5 main components:

  1. Automated Meter Network Connection – The software automatically finds meters on a network by scanning configurable IP address ranges.
  2. Organizes Meters into Groups – Group meters by location, type, download interval, name or any other desired method. View an installed base of meters as a unified group that can be managed easily and quickly.
  3. App Launcher – Launch into any apps associated with that meter, such as the CommunicatorPQA™ application, Log Viewer, EnergyReporter Viewer, etc.
  4. Multi-threaded Data Collector – The software architecture is designed as a multi-threading application running as a service, so that data is collected system-wide and automatically stored, while running in the background of the PC.
  5. Automatic Meter Report Generator – Generate customized reports and send them out to users on programmed intervals.


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