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Shark 100S Electric Submeter

Shark 200S Electric Submeter

Electro Industries introduces the most advanced series of electric submeters available. These high performance products measure revenue grade electrical energy usage and communicate back information using RS485, RJ45 Ethernet or IEEE 802.11 WiFi Ethernet connections. Place a unit anywhere within a facility and it can communicate back to central software quickly and automatically. The Shark 100S electric submeter is ideal for electrical cost allocation applications.

The units use standard 5 or 1 A CTs (either split or donut). They surface mount to any wall and are easily programmed in minutes.


  • 0.2% Class Revenue Certifiable Energy and Demand Submeter
  • Meets ANSI C12.20 (0.2 CL) and IEC 62053-22 (0.2S) Classes
  • Multifunction Measurement Capability
  • Bright Red LED Display with three .56″ lines
  • % of Load Bar for Analog Meter Perception
  • Ethernet or Wireless Ethernet (Modbus TCP)
  • Serial RS485 Communication (Modbus RTU/ASCII)
  • Direct Interface with Most Building Management Systems
  • Very Easy To Install
  • Extensive Data logging and Alarm Recording (Shark® 100S Electric Submeter)


  • Universities
  • Industrial Electric Submeter
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Government Facilities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Military
  • Airports
  • Energy Efficiency OEMs

Advanced Communication Capability with IrDA Interface

Standard Modbus RS485 Communication
Standard communication includes an RS485 output speaking Modbus protocol. This allows the unit to be connected to any serial RS485 bus using the Modbus interface. The unit communicates
easily with most building automation or other software systems. Baud rates are up to 57.6K baud to provide fast update times.

WiFi or Land Based Ethernet
The Shark 100S electric submeter offers two Ethernet options — either an RJ45 or WiFi connection. The WiFi option allows the 100S/200S electric submeter to be used on standard WiFi base stations. The unit is assigned an IP address; it communicates Modbus protocol over Ethernet TCP/IP.

IrDA Port
Use an IrDA-equipped laptop PC to program and read the Shark® 100S/200S electric submeter.

KYZ Pulse
For applications in which a pulse is needed, the unit also provides a KYZ output which pulses proportional to the amount of energy consumed. This feature is used for pulse counting applications or for building management systems where serial or Ethernet protocol is not available.


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