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USB to IrDA Adapter


The CAB6490 USB to IrDA adapter lets you connect to a Shark® meter’s IrDA port using your PC. Just plug the cable into your PC’s USB port and point the IrDA adapter at the IrDA port. You will be able to connect to the meter through CommunicatorPQA® software for configuration and polling. You can also use the link to download meter data files into any other compatible application.

In addition, the CAB6490 lets you create a wireless connection with other types of electronic devices with infrared, such as PDAs, digital cameras, and scanners.


  • The CAB6490 comes with a four foot USB cable.
  • Power Supply – The optical probe requires no power supply. All powered is received from the host computer’s serial port, using transmitter and receiver circuits within the probe.
  • Port Configuration – The CAB6490 can be used with personal computers that have a USB 3.0 port.


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