How energy-efficient is your business? The answer is “not energy efficient enough”. Even if you operate a LEED-certified building, there is always room for improvement. Making these three operational changes is a good place to start.

1. Optimize building scheduling.

Take a close look at your building’s operation schedule. Does it match up with your employee’s work hours? If your building is running when the office is empty (such as overnight, on weekends, or holidays), ask yourself how many (if any) of these operations are essential? You will find it is actually quite easy to trim down energy waste by looking at your operating schedule.

2. Don’t run your heat and air conditioner simultaneously.

This sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how many facilities operate their heating and cooling equipment at the same time. This is especially common in high-rise offices, where workers on the top floor become too hot (heat rises, after all) and turn on their air conditioner or open the window – even during the wintertime.

3. Invest in an Energy Management System

Does your business utilize an energy management system? If not, it should. An energy management system (or EMS) allows you to see how much energy your facility is consuming in real time. You can even pinpoint this energy usage down to specific operations, departments, or pieces of equipment. With this data, you can easily identify areas of inefficiency and implement programs to improve on them.

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