Identify Areas Where Energy Savings Can be Attained Using Energy Management for Multi-Use Residential

EIG’s advanced and highly accurate meters and submeters let you identify energy used by specific apartments or common areas of your building. Using energy management for multi-use residential, you can see where energy can be saved. And EIG’s™ Energy Management Cloud solution lets you set up all the meters in each building and view graphics with current and predicted energy and Demand usage, power quality and alarms from anywhere, over the Internet.

Implement Energy Reduction Programs and Monitor Progress

For several years, the U.S. Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has issued energy savings guidelines that include the implementation of submetering, with energy tracking and reporting, and the formalization of energy goals and processes. Every building owner must be engaged to take advantage of energy management and energy efficiency initiatives. In addition, energy inefficiency is very costly; in fact, poor performing buildings can use up to seven times the energy of the highest energy efficient buildings, for the same exact use.

Installing EIG’s meters, submeters, and metering software is one of the most cost-effective ways to implement an energy management program. Armed with the knowledge you get from EIG’s meters and submeters, you can make decisions that will realize energy savings for everyone.

Assure the Reliability of the Power You Receive or Generate

EIG meters let you analyze power quality to insure the reliability of your energy provider. And EIG’s meters have generous amounts of memory for logging measurements and recording waveforms, which lets you perform detailed forensic analysis of any problems that occur. If your building has a CHP cogeneration system, you can use EIG’s meters to monitor the power quality of the electricity you are generating. You can also use EIG software to generate alarms or email when power quality problems arise, so that you can be proactive in addressing them. And EIG’s™ Energy Management Cloud solution provides energy analytics and predictions, reducing costs and improving power system reliability. It surpasses traditional Energy Management systems by adding Energy prediction engines and deep insights into power quality, which also lets you be proactive in addressing problems before they occur.

Reduce Costs through Accurate and Fair Tenant Billing

EIG’s EnergyReporterPQA™ software, coupled with EIG’s meters, lets you bill tenants for their actual energy usage, rather than relying on square footage billing. This gives your tenants ownership of their energy costs. Since tenants can see how their usage directly affects their bills, they have motivation to reduce their energy use. This results in both immediate and long-term savings. In addition, tenants can see that they are being billed fairly.

Popular Products Used with Energy Management for Multi-Use Residential

Typical Multi-Residential Layout
Helping Multi-Unit Residential Building’s Energy Usage Become More Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Reliable
Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Critical Load Point

Critical Load Point

Nexus® 1500+ – Advanced Power Quality Analyzer and Energy Meter

Example Installation

Utility Entry Points, Critical Loads, High Power Sensitivity Points

Large Loads

Large Loads (400 Amps or more)

Shark® 250 Data Logging Energy Meter for Load Profiling and Power Quality

Example Installation

Typical building loads, substations, control panels

Smaller Loads

Smaller Loads (200 Amps or less, high-density)

MP200 Metering System – 8 Three Phase Input Meters

Example Installation

Smaller Panel Boards, High-density Circuits

Base Data Collection Software

Base Data Collection Software

CommunicatorPQA™ 5.0 Software for configuring meters, automatically collecting data, and studying power quality

Energy Dashboard and Billing Software

Energy Dashboard and Billing Software

EnergyReporterPQA™ 5.0 Software for energy dashboarding, generating usage reports and automated submeter billing

EnergyPQA Cloud Energy Management
Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Next generation Energy Management Cloud solution, providing energy analytics and predictions, reducing costs and improving power system reliability
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EnergyPQA Cloud Energy Management

Energy Management

Report on highest Demand Contributors and Energy Usage across facilities

Predictive Analytics

Use Machine Learning to accurately Predict Demand & Energy Usage into the future

Power Quality

Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis and alarming on Power Quality Events

Engineering Services
Electro Industries/GaugeTech
EIG’s highly experienced engineers, with a variety of skills in the fields of electrical engineering, software engineering, and meter engineering, to assist in the design, commissioning, start-up verification, and certification of installations to help you get your project up and running, and ensure it will be successful.
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Engineering Services

On site consulting and commissioning

System Integration

Meter calibration and Certification services

Application Guide

Related Products Used with Energy Management for Multi-Use Residential


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