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The following models have been formally discontinued and can no longer be purchased from EIG. Please refer to the Suggested Replacement list for an alternative.
Nexus® SeriesSuggested Replacement
Nexus® 1250Nexus® 1252 or Nexus® 1450
Nexus® 1250 Brochure
Nexus® 1250 User Manual
Nexus® 1250 Generic Specs
Nexus® 1260Nexus® 1262
Nexus® 1270Nexus® 1272
Nexus® INP 100 cardINP 200 cards
P40N DisplayP40N+ Display
P60N DisplayNexus® 1450 meter with P70N display
Communication ProductsSuggested Replacement
Modem ManagerNo Replacement
SC1A Smartcoupler, SC3 SmartcouplerA7Z
Built in Ethernet Options. See DMMS350
Shark® 100
SM1-16No Replacement
Wireless Modem KitNo Replacement
Futura+ Series Suggested Replacement
CPU 1000 Meter and Accessories Shark® 200 Meter
CPU 1000 Meter and Accessories Manual
CPU 1000 Meter and Accessories Brochure
CPU1000 and DM Series Modbus Registry Map
SBM Series Suggested Replacement
SBM 100/SBM 300 Brochure Shark® 100S – V3
SBM 100 Instruction Manual
SBM 100 Specifications
SBM 300 Instruction Manual Shark® 100S – V3
SBM 300 Specifications
PVZ101 Series Suggested Replacement
PVZ101 Manual
NT and NS option on PVZ101 No Replacement
PVZ101 Brochure
F Series (Click Here for Product Info)
FF60, 400 and 1000 (Frequency Meters) – D, D1 or D2 power supply no longer supported. The FF60 is only available as an AC Control Power Meter.
DM Series (Click Here for Product Info) Suggested Replacement
DMVA100 Shark® 100 Meter – V1
DMVA100-F Shark® 100 Meter – V2
DMWH 300 Shark® 100 Meter – V3
DMMS 425 Shark® 100 Meter – V3
DMMS 300+ Shark® 200 Meter – V4
DMMS 350 Shark® 200 Meter – V4 – INP100S
DWVA 300 Shark® 200 Meter – V1
DWVV 300 Shark® 200 Meter – V1
3DAA5 Shark® 200 Meter – V1
3DVA120 Shark® 200 Meter – V1
3DWA 300 Shark® 200 Meter – V1
SEFI-1 Shark® 200 – 1MAOS (4 channel) up to two can be used
SEFI-20 Shark® 200 – 20MAOS (4 channel) up to two can be used
SHNI-1 Shark® 200 – 1MAOS (4 channel) up to two can be used
SHNI-20 Shark® 200 – 20MAOS (4 channel) up to two can be used
DMVA100 Brochure
DMVA100 Instruction Manual
DMWH300 Brochure
DMWH300 Instruction Manual
DMMS 425 Brochure
DMMS 425 Instruction Manual
DMMS 300+ Brochure
DMMS 300+ Instruction Manual
DMMS 350 Brochure
DMMS 350 Instruction Manual
DWVA 300 Brochure
DWVA 300 Instruction Manual
DWVV 300 Brochure
DWVV 300 Instruction Manual
3DWA 300 Brochure
3DWA 300 Instruction Manual
DT and VA Series Suggested Replacement
LM1400 N/A
LM1600 (45Hz-75Hz) Shark® 100 Meter – V1
LF60 FF60
LF400 FF400
DMVA100-PS Manual Shark® 100 Meter – V1
DTVA10 FVA10 (specify scaling)
DTVA100 FVA100 (specify scaling)
DTVA600 FVA600 (specify scaling)
DTVD10 FVD10 (specify scaling)
DTVD100 FVD100 (specify scaling)
DTVD600 FVD600 (specify scaling)
DTVA120 FVA120 (specify scaling)
DTAD50 FAD50 (specify scaling)
DTAD100 FAD100 (specify scaling)
DTAA10 FAA10 (specify scaling)
DTAA20 FAA20 (specify scaling)
DTAA5 FAA5 (specify scaling)
DTT1 FT1 (specify scaling)
DTT20 FT20 (specify scaling)
VA20 N/A
VA200 N/A
VA2000 Shark® 100 – V1

Note: F Series instruments are factory scaled only. Please specify scaling. All output options require our DM or Shark Series 3 phase meters. See 3 phase meters.

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