• Manage Energy and Improve Power Quality in Commercial Buildings

    • Analyze Enterprise-wide Energy Usage
    • Identify Energy Savings Opportunities
    • Predict Energy Usage and Demand
    • Gain Deep Insights into Power Quality
    • Email Alerts on Alarm Conditions
    • Cloud Solution - No Server Needed

Analyze Enterprise-wide Usage to Identify Energy Savings Using Energy Management for Commercial Buildings

  • Energy Management for Commercial Buildings is Essential to Identify Energy Waste
  • Identify Poorly Performing Buildings
  • Report on Highest Energy Usage and Demand
  • Create Custom Reports to Pinpoint Inefficiencies

Energy inefficient commercial buildings, though common, cost more to run. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates typical commercial buildings waste 20% of energy consumed. Poorly performing buildings use up to seven times more energy than highly energy efficient buildings. Increasing energy efficiency is not only beneficial for a building’s bottom line but it also helps to reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

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Compare Highest Contributors of Energy Usage

EnergyPQA.com™ provides cloud-based energy management for commercial buildings. When paired with EIG’s energy and power quality meters, facility managers can use it to analyze the actual energy usage in all parts of their buildings. The system’s energy dashboards display detailed energy usage and demand across facility areas and provide insightful predictive analytics. EnergyPQA.com™ is an invaluable tool to implement initiatives to reduce consumption and costs.

Comprehensive energy management for commercial buildings that EnergyPQA.com™ provides gives a facility manager the means to identify areas within buildings that waste energy and need improvement. Typical inefficient areas include lobbies, hallways, HVAC systems, tenants with high electric consumption, unoccupied floors, and retail tenants. Since energy efficient buildings can consume up to 85% less power, identifying poorly performing facilities is essential to reduce energy use and costs. In addition, using software as an energy awareness tool affects energy user behavior. This can result in up to a 15% savings in energy costs, which tends to persist over time. With EnergyPQA.com™, you can provide usage reports to tenants. When made aware of, and billed for, their actual energy costs, tenants are more likely to reduce their energy consumption.

Analyze Predicted Future Energy Usage and Demand to Respond Proactively

  • Accurately Predict Demand and Energy Usage into the Future with Advanced AI and Machine Learning
  • Obtain Predictions through Historical Weightings and Future Weather Forecasts
  • Receive Emails in Advance of a New Peak Demand
  • Take Action in Advance on Predicted Peak Demand Before Incurring Penalty

EnergyPQA.com™ energy management for commercial buildings has an Al-based machine learning architecture that learns over time and predicts energy usage into the future. The system uses historical energy readings and future weather forecasts to provide usage and demand before they occur, at all metered points. Armed with future information, facility managers can take proactive steps to conserve energy and reduce costs.

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Use Artificial Intelligence to Plot Energy Usage into the Future

The system emails notifications of new predicted peak demand up to three days in advance. With this knowledge, facility managers have time to take action to reduce their building’s usage before penalties are incurred. Since demand charges can be as high as 50% of a facility’s actual energy bill, this provides significant savings. Also, using EnergyPQA.com™’s predictive energy usage dashboards, managers can see if their demand mitigation efforts are having the desired effect.

With Energy Management for Commercial Buildings, Gain Deep Insights into Improving Power Quality

  • Prevent Downtime
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce Liability
  • View Graphical Waveform Records of Voltage Surges, Sags, and Other Fault Events
  • Receive Alarm Emails for all Power Quality Events
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View Power Quality Using Industry Standard Indices

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View System Waveforms to Study Events and Improve Reliability

Up to 40% of all downtime is power quality related. EnergyPQA.com™ provides comprehensive power quality analysis on all metered points. The system identifies poor power quality conditions and emails alarms, so an engineer can take proactive action before catastrophic events occur.

EnergyPQA.com™ supports both CBEMA and SEMI F47 power quality reporting standards. Other PQ features include THD, power factor, limit alarms, electrical unbalance, and many other events. Armed with this analytical information, engineers have the proper tools to improve the electrical reliability for their tenants.

Drive Energy Conservation Behavior from Tenants

Use EIG meters and EnergyPQA.com™ to provide energy awareness and change the mindset of tenants and energy users. Install meters at all needed locations and EnergyPQA.com™ will provide the necessary analytics to conserve energy and improve power quality.

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Popular Products used in Commercial Projects

Critical Load Point

Critical Load Point

Nexus® 1500+ Advanced Power Quality Analyzer and Energy Meter

Example uses

Utility entry points, critical loads, high power sensitivity points

Large Loads

Shark® 250

Shark® 250 Data Logging Energy Meter for Load Profiling and Power Quality

Example uses

Typical building loads, substations, control panels

BACnet Applications

For Use With BACnet Applications

Shark® 100B Power and Energy Meter with Native BACnet/IP

Interfaces with existing BACnet application

Smaller Loads

Smaller Loads (200 Amps or less, high-density)

MP200 Metering System™ with 8 three phase input meters

Example uses

Smaller panel boards, high-density circuits

EnergyPQA Cloud Energy Management
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Next generation Energy Management Cloud solution, providing energy analytics and predictions, reducing costs and improving power system reliability
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EnergyPQA Cloud Energy Management

Energy Management

Report on highest Demand Contributors and Energy Usage across facilities

Predictive Analytics

Use Machine Learning to accurately Predict Demand & Energy Usage into the future

Power Quality

Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis and alarming on Power Quality Events

Engineering Services
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EIG’s highly experienced engineers, with a variety of skills in the fields of electrical engineering, software engineering, and meter engineering, to assist in the design, commissioning, start-up verification, and certification of installations to help you get your project up and running, and ensure it will be successful.
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