Why Use EIG Engineering Services?

  • EIG’s engineering services teams works directly with our customers to help them get their project up and running and ensure it will be successful.
  • EIG’s technical staff consists of highly experienced and talented engineers with a variety of skills in the fields of electrical engineering, software engineering and meter engineering.
  • EIG can assist in commissioning, start up verification and certification of installations, depending on your needs.
  • EIG has a group of system integration engineers that can create custom SCADA (HMIPQA™ application) or other energy management software applications, to fit the particular needs of any supported application.
  • When training is needed, EIG can also support you with Webinar or on-site training that covers all EIG solutions. Training staff are certified RCEP instructors.
  • Our engineers can assist with troubleshooting and correcting pre-installed systems, even if they include equipment not manufactured by EIG.
On-Site Commissioning
Engineering services
Engineers are available on an hourly or daily basis to help with typical commissioning assistance, which includes:

  • Verifying meter installation and wiring.
  • Verifying proper system integration.
  • Working with 3rd parties to ensure cross compatibility.
  • Advising users on best practices for optimal implementation.

Engineers are also

Used to assist users with troubleshooting and correcting preinstalled systems. Often, this can include equipment not manufactured by EIG.

A single vendor

Provides assurance that a project will be successful: EIG will be a partner in that success.

EIG goes to work

On your schedule to get the project up and running and to keep it within your budget and time requirements. It is our goal to work within your schedule to meet the project deadline.

System Integration
Engineering services
When developing custom applications, such as SCADA and HMI systems, it is critical to use a team that has the experience to get the job done properly.

EIG has successfully

Integrated many SCADA systems using its HMIPQA™ software architecture.

A single vendor

EIG’s system integration customers choose EIG because we stand behind our customized applications, and the EIG team is ready whenever expansion and other integration is required.

On-Site Training
Engineering services
When implementing a system, training is essential to making the project a success.

  • EIG offers free two-day training classes around the U.S., every year.
  • If you and your team are not able to attend the free class, we can create a custom class that meets your exact requirements and covers the EIG products you will be using, to bring your team up to the necessary knowledge and skills. EIG will provide either on-site or webinar-based training on metering products, software and/or SCADA, so that users will be knowledgeable in all aspects of the products.

Training helps users

By educating them on all aspects of the life cycle of metering systems from installation to on-going use. We cover best practices, applications and any other relevant aspects needed to make your project a success.

Instructors are RCEP

(Registered Continuing Education Program) certified and all training can be certified for continuing education credits.

Meter Calibration/Certifcation
Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Some applications require equipment to be tested on yearly intervals. EIG has the capability to field test meters and provide an accuracy report.

These testing services

Are available for any electrical energy revenue meter that has a test pulse.

EIG's Engineering

Services group will test these meters either on-site or at our factory.