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HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA

The HMIPQA power monitoring SCADA system gives you full knowledge of your electrical distribution system. It is designed to be customized with any necessary one-line diagrams or graphical displays, with data updated from meters as the measurements are generated. This ensures that you have the information you need, in real time, to manage and control your power system’s reliability and safety. Configure the HMIPQA system to provide alarms and warnings for over limit conditions, breaker operations, or power system failures. With HMIPQA you have immediate awareness of any fault conditions and can pinpoint areas of the electrical distribution system that need improvement and repairs.

Monitor Energy Flow and Efficiency

  • Monitor traditional energy sources.
  • Monitor solar, wind, and other alternative energy sources.
  • Complex calculations to provide the exact information needed.
  • View energy flow at peak hours, during co-generation cycles, from solar energy, or any other needed analysis.
  • Receive customized reporting on energy flow and efficiency.
HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA

View Alternative Energy Sources, e.g., Solar

Open Protocol Communication Server

  • In addition to electrical parameters, communicates with most measurement devices.
  • Accepts pulse and analog signals from mechanical meters, transducers, and utility meters.
  • Monitor water, gas, condensate, or any other desired commodity.
  • Track all building utilities in one power monitoring SCADA application.
HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA

Track Parameters from Multiple Commodity Meters

Monitor and View Captured Waveform Events

  • Understand and manage power quality by analyzing waveforms of PQ events.
  • View and superimpose waveforms from one or more events.
  • Zoom and pan surge and sag events.
  • Conduct harmonic analysis of waveform data using harmonic magnitudes, peak value, and RMS readings per cycle.
HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA

Analyze Waveforms to Understand Power Quality Events

Open Connectivity with Third Party Systems

  • Supports the open database connectivity (ODBC) standard.
  • Connects directly to Microsoft Access ODBC server for easy data access.
  • Can send periodic reports for integration into BMS/Dashboard/SCADA systems.
  • EIG’s Engineering Services Team has extensive experience of integrating the HMIPQA™ SCADA application with popular third party systems.

Here are some third-party systems that HMIPQA™ SCADA has been integrated with:

  • LucidBuildingOS
  • New York Energy Manager Software
  • Tridium Niagara
  • Iconics Energy Manager Software
  • Schneider Electric EcoStruxture Power Monitoring Expert
  • EnergyCap Energy Management Software
  • Johnson Controls Building Automation System

Application Examples
HMIPQA SCADA System Supports Multiple Applications

  • Industrial –
    • Maximize factory uptime. Up to $39 billion is lost each year due to power outages.
    • View the electrical power system energy flow, including breaker status, in real time.
    • Control breakers or other equipment to isolate faults and allow for repair of the power system.
    • Monitor all commodities, including water, gas, and condensate to manage and reduce energy consumption.
    • Monitor voltage reliability indices. Poor voltage power quality can damage expensive equipment and create dangerous conditions.
    • Receive alerts of power quality and other problems so you can respond to PQ or equipment faults when they arise, before they escalate and cause risks to employee safety, damage to equipment, or downtime.
    • Perform power system analytics, using stored waveforms of PQ events.
HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA
  • Commercial buildings –
    • Optimize the performance of your building. Managing energy costs is essential to maximize commercial building revenue.
    • View real time energy usage.
    • Integrate the HMIPQA system’s SCADA data into your existing building management system, so you can view and control electrical energy usage and reduce costs.
    • Bill tenants directly for their energy usage, which changes mindsets and can achieve energy usage reduction of up to 30%.
    • Control machinery, such as boilers and breakers, for more efficient energy usage.
    • Receive alarms that let you respond quickly to power quality events and other building problems.
    • View Executive summary reports that provide electrical energy usage and circuit comparisons.
HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA
  • Data Centers –
    • Gain control of your electrical system to protect your data center and keep it running smoothly. Power outages are not acceptable for data centers.
    • Monitor server energy costs with real time graphical representation of energy usage.
    • View waveforms to monitor power quality and to prevent similar events in the future.
    • Receive alerts of PQ events to quickly take corrective action.
    • Restore outages more quickly, by controlling breakers that restore power to different data center circuits.
    • Receive alerts for the presence of harmonics in chillers and cooling devices, which indicates equipment failure, so you can repair or replace essential equipment before battery backup is compromised.
HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA
  • Healthcare –
    • Monitor the reliability of the electrical system and respond quickly to power quality problems as they arise. Ensure the always-on power needs of the healthcare facility.
    • Customize displays to highlight essential areas of your facility, making it easy to track energy and other commodity usage and power quality, as well as the status of important equipment.
    • Receive alarms of power quality and other problems, so that you can react before problems escalate.
    • Bill departments and outside vendors for actual usage. Paying for their usage encourages departments and vendors to conserve energy and reduces your total costs.
HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA

EIG’s Engineering Services Team
For a Successful Project Integration

  • Comprehensive engineering services for designing, deploying, and commissioning the HMIPQA power monitoring SCADA system.
  • The Engineering Services team works with your schedule and budget.
  • Extensive experience with third party integration.
  • Initial training and ongoing support for the project when it is up and running.
  • With EIG’s engineering services, implementing the ideal power monitoring SCADA solution is simplified and accomplished quickly.

Project Milestones

HMIPQA – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA

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