Exclusively providing integrated Energy & PQ Monitoring Solutions, utilizing AI & deep industry expertise, improving reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Domain Expertise

Over 45 Years in the Industry

  • Energy Management & Power Quality Experts
  • Expertise in Industrial AI and Machine Learning
  • Over 40% of Employees are Engineers
  • Specialized Customer Applications

Delivering Results in Days, Not Years

EIG offers fully integrated energy management solutions, consisting of AI driven energy management and cutting-edge metering technology. These tools seamlessly work together to provide a complete system that is easily deployed with minimal user interaction. EIG’s engineering services team delivers turn-key commissioning and training to quickly help make your project a success.

Experts in Energy Analytics

With over 45 years of experience in energy management, EIG has a proven track record of delivering results to Fortune 500 companies. EIG’s software offerings are built based on deep industry expertise in power monitoring, power quality, and energy conservation. EnergyPQA.com® provides best-in-class AI driven analytical tools to analyze all aspects of a customer’s energy usage and provide actionable results. Reports focus on highest risk factors, least efficient facilities, and most wasteful circuits. Machine learning provides predicted energy and demand for planning and implementing peak demand reduction.

Reliable Solutions

Over 1 Million Solutions Deployed

  • Industrial Grade Components
  • Patented Auto-Calibrating Metrology
  • Trusted for Critical Applications
  • Industry Leading Type Test Lab Certifications

Trusted for Critical Applications

Known for high reliability and excellent performance, customers rely on EIG for their critical metering applications. EIG’s meters are dependable because of the company’s philosophy to use industrial grade components and a conservative design. Our meters are built to maintain their high accuracy and reliable performance for years to come.

Certified Standard’s Compliance

Third party standard’s certifications are available on many of the products that EIG manufactures. Additionally, the company maintains a state-of-the-art internal test lab to perform compliance testing on multiple environmental and electrical ANSI and IEC standards. Our products go through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality design.

Technology Investments

Over 120 Energy Management & Power Quality Patents

  • Intelligent Plug & Play Systems
  • 3rd Party Compliance Certification
  • ~15% Reinvestment in R&D
  • Cybersecurity Compliance

45 Years of Innovation

Since introducing the first digital meter in 1975, EIG pioneered energy management innovation with over 120 patents and cutting-edge designs. We believe innovation is at the core of what we do. EIG is not just a manufacturer, our goal is to use technology to improve electrical reliability and sustainability.

Pushing the Envelope

Pushing the envelope means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on the challenge of changing the paradigm. At EIG, innovation is part of our core DNA. Our culture of advancement and growth is just another day in the office. We are 100% focused on energy and power quality monitoring and we strive to be the technological best.

Advanced Manufacturing

Fastest Industry Leadtime

  • End-to-End Automated Testing
  • Integrated Component Traceability
  • Buy American Act Compliant

Committed to Quality

EIG produces high quality energy management products. Our hardware products utilize industrial grade components and each unit undergoes rigorous automated end-to-end testing. All metering products are calibrated using advanced custom engineered fixtures with NIST traceability. Calibration test data is shipped with every meter.

Committed to Availability

EIG believes in short lead time and high availability. Most products ship from our Westbury, NY facility in just a few days. We are continually improving our manufacturing processes to further reduce lead times and increase production capability.