Multifunction Metering Solutions

Challenge 1:

How can multifunction metering help me reduce my energy costs?


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates typical commercial buildings waste 20% of the energy they consume. Poorly performing buildings are very costly, using up to seven times more energy than highly energy efficient buildings. Using multifunction meters saves you money in multiple ways. Analyzing energy usage enterprise wide lets you identify facility energy inefficiencies and improving inefficient circuits and facilities results in lowered energy costs. You can also save up to 18-30% of total electrical consumption annually with accurate submetering. Billing tenants for their actual energy usage promotes tenant energy conservation.  And predicted peak demand alerts allow you to act before costly charges are incurred.

Multifunction Metering Solutions

Challenge 2:

How can multifunction metering help to make my buildings more sustainable?


Identifying and improving inefficient energy usage in enterprise facilities lets you conserve energy. With EIG’s multifunction meters and EnergyPQA.com® AI driven energy management system,  you can view and improve carbon footprint for all your facilities and for the enterprise. Reports and usage comparisons let you measure the success of your sustainability initiatives.

Challenge 3:

Can multifunction metering improve my power quality and reduce downtime?


Studies show that 50% of mission critical power outages are due to power quality issues and that 80% of these issues originate within facilities. The Shark® 200/250 multifunction meters offer waveform recording, harmonics measurement, and limit alarms for analyzing power quality and taking steps to improve problems before they escalate. The EnergyPQA.com® system’s C-Suite reporting identifies facilities and circuits that are at high risk for power quality events so that remedial action can be taken. The system also displays multiple power quality dashboards for your facilities and can generate emailed alarms on power quality events. In this way, multifunction metering lets you take action to avoid equipment damage or costly power outages.

Shark® Meters Natively Integrate with the EnergyPQA.com® AI Driven Energy Management System Key Benefits:

  • Identify poorly performing buildings by comparing energy usage across facilities.
  • Reduce demand penalties with predicted peak demand alerts into the future.
  • Monitor power quality to prevent downtime, improve efficiency, and reduce liability.
  • Perform detailed usage analysis for your complete business with enterprise level dashboards and reporting.
  • C-Suite Reports™ analyze and grade all facilities on energy efficiency and risk mitigation.
  • Receive email alerts for multiple meter alarm conditions.
  • Determine your impact on the environment and sustainability by monitoring carbon footprint.
  • Meet corporate IT policies with proven security, encryption, and dual factor authentication.

Top 5 Reasons the Shark® Meter is a World Leader

  1. Highly reliable.
    • Industrial grade components.
      • Designed to the highest surge withstand and transient standards.
      • Detailed circuit board testing and automation to ensure 100% reliability.
      • The Shark 250 adds extensive cyber security to eliminate tampering.
  2. Highly accurate with defendable third-party certifications.
    • Meets ANSI and IEC standards with 3rd party certifications.
    • Designed using actual revenue metering metrology.
  3. Modular with versatile IO and V-Switch upgrades.
    • Customer can upgrade hardware and firmware in the meters at any time.
  4. Can include data logging  and power quality.
  5. Direct retrofit to DIN and ANSI cutouts to reduce installation costs.

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Multifunction Metering Solutions
Multifunction Metering Solutions
Multifunction Metering Solutions
Multifunction Metering Solutions
Multifunction Metering Solutions
Multifunction Metering Solutions