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Shark 250 Power and Energy Meter

The Shark® 250 meter is the latest addition to the Shark® Series power meter line. Designed for Utility substation and critical industrial applications, it offers enhanced revenue metering features, such as on-board Time of Use, CT/PT compensation, Test Mode and Energy presets, pulse accumulators and totalizers. It has multiple serial or Ethernet ports for redundant communication, including a front panel USB port. The Shark® 250 meter has up to 128 MB memory capacity for more significant load studies, including longer storage without overwriting of data.

Cyber Secure Encrypted Configuration

The Shark® 250 power meter uses a multi-level Cyber Secure encrypted configuration. The meter’s Cyber security prevents tampering and hacking of your power system data. Features of the meter’s unique Cyber Security include:

  • Highly secure encrypted passwords.
  • 9 user IDs and passwords – up to 30 characters in length to insure password strength
  • An administrator and up to 8 user IDs
  • Password fail timeouts eliminate brute force attacks
  • Limit access to meter functions

Robust Communication

The Shark® 250 meter allows up to 4 serial and Ethernet communication ports, including a front panel USB, a standard RS485, optional RS232/RS485, and up to two Ethernet ports.

  • Level 2 DNP3 (available for 1 serial and/or 1 Ethernet port) and/or IEC 61850
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP
  • NTP, SMTP, HTTP Ethernet protocols
  • Ethernet ports and Serial ports
  • USB Port
  • RS485 Port

Field Expandable I/O

The Shark® 250 power meter is field upgradeable. Expandable I/O cards include:

  • RS1S: Serial Communication Card with RS232/485 Modbus and DNP3
  • INP100S: 100BaseT Ethernet Card with Modbus and DNP3
  • INP300S: IEC 61850 Protocol Ethernet Card
  • 1mAOS: Four Channel Bi-directional 0-1 mA Outputs
  • 20mAOS: Four Channel 4-20 mA Outputs
  • PO1S: Four Pulse Outputs/Four Status Inputs
  • RO1S: Two Relay Outputs/Two Status Inputs

Data Trending and Analysis

The Shark® 250 power meter has up to 128 MB of memory for data logging. Use the memory for historical trends, limit alarms, I/O changes and sequence of events. The meter’s advanced storage means the unit can be programmed to store historical and waveform data for many years. In addition, the unit’s real-time clock allows for time stamping of all the data in the instrument. The clock is accurate to 3 ppm and is very stable over temperature.

Power Quality Measurement and Analysis

The Shark® 250 power meter records up to 512 samples per cycle for a voltage sag or swell, or a current fault event. The unit provides the pre and post-event recording capability shown in the table below. Waveform records are programmable to the desired sampling rate. V4 provides up to 128 MB of storage.

The meter’s advanced DSP design allows power quality triggers to be based on a 1 cycle updated RMS. Hundreds of events can be stored until the memory fills. The meter stores waveform data in a first-in/first-out circular buffer to insure data is always recording.

The unit uniquely offers a waveform scope to view the real time waveform for voltage and current. The waveform scope allows the meter to be used as a basic oscilloscope throughout a power system.


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