How-To Videos

Installation of CTs for EIG Meters

Learn how to install a solid or split core current transformer to ensure you receive accurate data from your power and energy meters.

Validating Your Installation

Learn how to validate your current transformer and wiring installation through the readings on your power and energy meter.

Download/Upload IEC61850 – CID/ICD Files for Nexus 1500+

Learn how to Download and upload IEC61850 .cid and .icd files for your Nexus 1500+.

Generate Custom Usage Reports with EnergyReporter

Learn how to generate custom usage reports using the EnergyReporterPQA software application.

Installing MeterManagerPQA

Learn the process of installing the MeterManagerPQA software application.

Setup E-mail on Alarm Notifications

Learn how to set up email-on-alarm notifications.

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