In a previous post we shared the three things you must know when installing CTs for EIG Meters. Once your installation is complete, you’ll need to validate it with the readings on your power meter. Here are the readings you’ll want to take a look at on the front panel of your meter:

  1. Voltages: You can check voltages with a handheld volt meter at the back of your meter. Remember that in the basic setup for the meter you also entered PT values, so make sure your voltage readings make sense.
  2. Amp Reach: This will give you your current readings.
  3. Watts: This will tell us if you faced the high side of the CTs correctly.
  4. Power Factor: We hope to see a number between .9 and 1.

For complete information on validating your installation, please watch our video below. Forrest Whitt, Senior Application Engineer, will walk you through the details.

You can find a complete list of wiring diagrams on our website under Downloads. Please contact our dedicated team at any time with questions regarding your power meter. You can also join us for one of our upcoming free training sessions throughout the US.