Power metering and energy power monitoring system.

Energy Management Software

EnergyPQA.com® AI Driven Energy Management System

The EnergyPQA.com® system gives you a next generation energy management cloud solution.

CommunicatorPQA® Power Monitoring Software

CommunicatorPQA®Power Monitoring SoftwareProgram, Manage, Database, and View Logged DataView Real Time DataPerform Detailed Power Quality AnalysisQuickly Configure MetersConnect Existing Meters to EnergyPQA.com® System{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fcommunicatorpqa-energy-management-software-with-metermanagerpqa-data-collection-software%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1695669321735%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Advanced Real Time Viewing IntroductionThe CommunicatorPQA® power monitoring software enables users to view real time metered data, configure meters, and analyze collected information from remote EIG power monitors. This [...]

MeterManagerPQA® Meter Data Management Software

MeterManagerPQA®Software Meter Data Collection ServerAutomated Meter Network ConnectionEasily Manage Large Fleets of MetersAutomatically Download LogsGenerate and Email Customized ReportsConnect Existing Meters to EnergyPQA.com® Systems{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fcommunicatorpqa-energy-management-software-with-metermanagerpqa-data-collection-software%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1695669209583%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Automatically Discover and Manage Network Meters IntroductionThe MeterManagerPQA® application is a comprehensive meter data management system. It functions as an automation engine to manage, control, and store meter [...]

HMIPQA+™ – Powerful, Real Time, Power Monitoring SCADA

HMIPQA+™Advanced SCADA Solution Made SimpleEnsure operators have the real time and historical information they need to manage and control their power system’s reliability and safety.Gain full visibility into the electrical distribution system with centralized data from EIG meters and third-party devices.Unleash the full potential of your system by converting data into information you can act [...]

EnergyReporterPQA Utility Billing Software

EnergyReporterPQA™Utility Billing SoftwareReduce Energy Costs with Submetering and Accurate BillingView and Create Energy Dashboard and ReportsAccurately Bill Customers/Tenants for UsageAutomatically Import Energy Data from EIG Meters to Analyze EnergyAnalyze Detailed Usage Data for Planning and Load Curtailment{{ vc_btn: title=Request+a+Demo&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fforpci73.actonsoftware.com%252Facton%252Fopenapi%252Fform%252Fv1%252Fgated%252F25598%252Ff80f81ab-0073-4bbc-a1d1-440697a2d921%252Fp-004d%252Fu-c0dda31c-33d8-486e-a5c2-477d4d294ddd&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1695734553719%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Benefits IntroductionUse the EnergyReporterPQA™ utility billing software to bill customers fairly and accurately for their [...]

High Performance Power Quality Monitors

Nexus® 1500+ Power Quality Meter with Phasor Measurement Unit

The Nexus® 1500+ meter provides invaluable power quality analysis using the latest PQ standards

Nexus® 1450 Cyber Secure Power Quality Meter with Multiport Communication

Electro Industries’ Nexus® 1450 meter is a powerful power quality meter that provides

Nexus® 1500+ Meter in Enclosure

Nexus® 1500+ Meter in EnclosureIdeal for Retrofit Meter SolutionsExpands Switchgear CapabilityPre-wired and ConfiguredEliminates Wiring and Installation ErrorsIncludes Voltage Fuses, a Shorting Block for Current Inputs, and a Control Power Transformer (277/480 V Power System)UL Listed EnclosureNEMA 1 - Indoor-rated Enclosure Introduction Nexus® 1500+ Meter in EnclosureEIG’s Nexus® 1500+ meter in enclosure lets you expand your [...]

Nexus® 1450 Meter in Enclosure

Nexus® 1450 Meter in EnclosureIdeal for Retrofit Meter SolutionsExpands Switchgear CapabilityPre-wired and ConfiguredEliminates Wiring and Installation ErrorsIncludes Finger Safe Voltage Fuses, a Shorting Block for Current Inputs, and a Control Power Transformer (277/480 V Power System)UL Listed EnclosureNEMA 4 Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure Introduction Nexus® 1450 Meter in EnclosureEIG’s Nexus® 1450 meter in enclosure allows you to [...]

Multifunction Switchboard Power Meters

Shark® 250 Power and Energy Meter

Shark® 250Advanced Power and Energy MeterCertified ANSI C12.20 0.1 Accuracy Class Energy MeasurementsHigh Precision Frequency Measurements - 0.007 HzNERC CIP Compliant Cyber Secured Encrypted ConfigurationPQ Analyzer with Limits, THD, and Harmonics Recording512 Samples/Cycle Waveform Recording of up to 319 EventsPerpetual Time of Use, Transformer/Line Loss and CT/PT Compensation, Test Mode, and Energy PresetsReal Time SCADA [...]

Shark® 200 Data Logging Power and Energy Meter

Shark® 200Data Logging Power and Energy MeterCertified ANSI C12.20 0.2 Accuracy Class and IEC 62053-22 0.2S Energy Measurements0.007 Hz Precision Frequency MeasurementsProgrammable Alarm Limits, THD, and Harmonics AnalysisWaveform Recording of up to 512 Samples/Cycle, 170 EventsModbus, DNP3, and IEC 61850 ProtocolsDual, Independent Ethernet Ports with Embedded Web Servers, Email on Alarm, Exclusive Client Feature, and [...]

Shark® 100 Multifunction Power and Energy Meter

Shark® 100Multifunction Power and Energy Meter0.2% Revenue Grade Class AccuracyMeasures Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Energy, and Max DemandOptional KYZ Pulse and Standard IrDA PortPower Quality Measurements - THD and Alarm LimitsEasy to Read Display with Intuitive NavigationOptional 100BaseT EthernetOptional RS485 Modbus and DNP3 ProtocolsSuperior Quality - Rugged DesignFits both ANSI and DIN Cutouts High Accuracy [...]

Shark® 100B BACnet/IP Communicating Multifunction Power and Energy Meter

Shark® 100BBACnet/IP Communicating Multifunction Power and Energy MeterAdvanced Functionality for Building Management System IntegrationMultifunction Measurements of AC Voltage, Current, Power, and EnergyIndustry Recognized Superior 0.2% Energy Class AccuracyBACnet/IP, Modbus TCP/IPIrDA PortBuilt-in KYZ Pulse for Accuracy TestingAvailable in Meter or Transducer Version Measurement and Design Features IntroductionElectro Industries introduces our industry leading revenue grade power meter [...]

Shark® 50 Multifunction Electrical Switchboard Meter

Shark® 50Multifunction Electrical Switchboard Meter0.5% Class Accuracy MeasurementsBuilt-in Test Pulse for Accuracy VerificationMeets Both Revenue Metering Accuracy and Environmental StandardsOptional RS485 with Modbus ProtocolLarge, Bright Red, Easy to Read LED Display% of Load Bar for Analog Meter PerceptionFits Both ANSI and DIN CutoutsGreat for Retrofit and New Switchboard Meter ApplicationsUses Minimal Panel Space and Depth [...]

Shark® 50B BACnet MS/TP Communicating Electrical Meter

Shark® 50BBACnet MS/TP Communicating Electrical MeterAdvanced Functionality for Building Management System IntegrationMultifunction Measurements of AC Voltage, Current, Power, and EnergyIndustry Recognized Superior 0.5% Energy Class AccuracyBACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP/IPBuilt-in KYZ Pulse for Accuracy Testing Measurement and Design Features IntroductionElectro Industries introduces our industry leading revenue grade power meter with native BACnet MS/TP and Modbus TCP/IP [...]

Self-Enclosed Shark® Meter Assembly

Shark® Meters in NEMA 1 or NEMA 4X EnclosureIdeal for Retrofit Meter SolutionsExtends Switchgear CapabilityPre-wired and ConfiguredEliminates Wiring and Installation ErrorsUL Listed Enclosures Introduction IntroductionThe Shark® meter in enclosure is a perfect solution for a retrofit when there is no metering compartment available. The self-enclosed meter comes standard with a NEMA 1 or NEMA 4X [...]

Advanced Revenue Meters

Shark® 270 Socket and Switchboard Form Revenue Meter

Shark® 270Socket and Switchboard Form Revenue MeterCertified to ANSI C12.20 Class 0.1% and IEC 62053-22 0.2S Energy Accuracy StandardsTime of Use, Transformer/Line Loss Compensation, and Test ModePower Quality Analyzer with 512 Samples/Cycle Waveform RecordingMultiport SCADA Communication: Modbus RTU/ASCII, TCP/IP, DNP3, and IEC 61850Certified Verizon 4G Under-glass Wireless CellularBuilt-in Expandable I/O with Superior Keystone ConnectorsRole-based, Encrypted [...]

Shark® 270 Revenue Meter Draw Out Switchboard Case – SWB3

Shark® 270Revenue Meter Draw Out Switchboard Case - SWB3A Superior Direct Replacement to Existing General Electric Style S1 Relay Case - Mounted MetersDraw out Meter Cradle for Easy Testing and ReplacementDirect Analog Outputs (0-1) mA or (4-20) mA Without the Need for Externally Mounted Module Innovative Design IntroductionEIG has designed its own revenue meter draw [...]

9S Socket Form Meter Enclosure

9S Socket FormMeter in EnclosureNEMA Type 3R Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure13 Jaw Form 9S Meter Socket600 V RatedComes Equipped with a 10 Pole FT Switch Terminal Block – Tin Plated with Color-Coded HandlesPerfect for Shark® 270 Socket Meter and Nexus® 1262/1272 Socket MetersSupports All Transformer-rated Form 9S MetersLockable Cover Introduction IntroductionEIG offers a pre-wired enclosure to be [...]

Nexus® 1272 Auto-Calibrating Revenue Energy Meter with Power Quality

Nexus® 1272Auto-Calibrating Revenue Energy Meter with Power Quality0.06% Energy Accurate Auto-calibrating MetrologyAdvanced Metering Calculations, Including Transformer Line Loss and CT/PT CompensationHigh-speed Power Quality Waveform RecordingAdvanced Communication, Including Two RS485 Ports, Ethernet, and Modem; Modbus, DNP3 Level 2 Plus, MV90 Protocol SupportUp to 256 Points of I/O and Load Profiling; Standard Pulse Outputs and Status Inputs; [...]

Nexus® 1262 Auto-Calibrating Revenue Energy Meter

Nexus® 1262Auto-Calibrating Revenue Energy Meter0.06% Energy Accurate Auto-calibrating MetrologyAdvanced Metering Calculations, Including Transformer Line Loss and CT/PT CompensationBasic Power Quality Waveform MeasurementsAdvanced Communication, Including Two RS485 Ports, Ethernet, and Modem; Modbus, DNP3, MV90 Protocol SupportUp to 256 Points of I/O and Load Profiling; Standard Pulse Outputs and Status Inputs; Optional Analog Inputs and Outputs, Digital [...]

Nexus® 1262/1272 Draw Out Switchboard Case – SWB3

Nexus® 1262/1272Draw Out Switchboard Case-SWB3A Superior Direct Replacement to the Existing General Electric Style S1 relay Case - Mounted MetersDraw Out Meter Cradle for Easy Testing and ReplacementWiring Follows Industry Conventions, Eliminating the Need for New Wiring Innovative Design IntroductionEIG has designed its own draw out switchboard case. It is a superior direct replacement to [...]

Energy Monitoring / Submetering

Shark® MP200™ Data Logging Multipoint WiFi Energy Meter

Shark® MP200™Data Logging Multipoint WiFi Energy MeterANSI C12.20 0.5 Accuracy Class Energy MeasurementsSave Space by Metering 8 Three Phase or 24 Single Phase Circuits with One UnitCommunicate via Simultaneous Ethernet and WiFi, RS485, or USBReduce Energy Costs through Submetering, Peak Demand Alerts, and Detailed Usage OptimizationTwo Historical Logs Provide up to 64 Parameters and up [...]

Shark® MP200™ Multi-Point WiFi Meter in Enclosure

Shark® MP200™Multipoint WiFi Meter in EnclosureHigh Density Retrofit Meter SolutionExtends Switchgear CapabilityPre-wired and Configured for InstallationNEMA 1 Type Rated EnclosureEliminates Wiring and Installation ErrorsOptional BACnet or LonWorks Communication Modules Enclosure Features IntroductionEIG’s MP200™ multi-point WiFi meter in enclosure lets you expand your switchgear capability and/or easily meter circuits without expensive and time-consuming redesign. Simply mount [...]

Shark® 200S/100S Multifunction WiFi Electric Submeter

Shark® 100S/200SMultifunction WiFi Electric SubmeterANSI C12.20 0.2 Accuracy Class Energy MeasurementsNEW! Simultaneous RJ45 and WiFi Ethernet or RS485WPA/WPA2/WPA2-Enterprise/WPS, Trust & Go 608 Chip WiFi SecurityStandard IrDA for Meter ConfigurationStandard Modbus ASCII/RTU/TCP and DNP3 ProtocolsRevenue Certifiable Test Pulse with KYZ OutputExtensive Data Logging (200S)Limit/Alarm ProgrammingBright Red LED Display with Three .56” Lines 0.2% Energy Accuracy IntroductionElectro [...]

ST40 Compact DIN Rail Mounted Energy and Power Quality Meter

ST40Compact DIN Rail Electric Submeter with Power QualitySmall Footprint for Machine-level Monitoring, Solar, Wind, and Other Applications with Limited Installation SpaceANSI C12.20 0.2 Accuracy Class Energy MeasurementsPower Quality Waveform Recording at up to 512 Samples per CycleExtensive Memory for Storing Load Profiles, System Events, Limits, and AlarmsModbus, BACnet/IP, or DNP3 for Easy Software IntegrationRS485, 10/100BaseT [...]

ST40 Compact Power and Energy Meter in Enclosure

ST40Compact Power and Energy Meter in EnclosureIdeal for Retrofit Meter SolutionsAdd Metering Without Needing to Modify Existing Switchgear PanelsPre-wired and ConfiguredEliminates Wiring and Installation ErrorsSupports 0.333 V CTs; UL Listed, Finger-safe Voltage Fuses IncludedUL Listed Enclosure Introduction IntroductionEIG’s ST40 energy meter in enclosure lets you add metering without an expensive and time-consuming redesign. Mount and [...]

Single Function Switchboard Power Meters

F-Series Single Function Switchboard Meters

F-Series Single FunctionSwitchboard MetersGreat for DC Battery MeteringHighly Accurate 12-Bit ResolutionFour Digit Readout0.8" High DisplayUniversal Power SupplyDirectly Replaces ANSI C39.1 Analog Meters Introduction IntroductionEIG manufactures a complete line of single-function switchboard metering systems that fit directly into the standard switchboard meter configuration (AB40) cutout. The units can be adjusted to display any scaling and can [...]

Communication Converter Products

ProtoCom Protocol Gateway

ProtoCom-KT / ProtoCom-Lon-KTProtocol GatewayPlug and Play - Connects to Meter's RS485 Port with Almost No User ConfigurationAuto-discovery Detects the Connected Meter and Maps Appropriate BACnet or LonWorks Points AutomaticallyEnables BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, LonWorks, and Other Popular Building Management SystemsPerfect Add-on for Any Building Management SolutionRetrofits to Existing Meters, Saving Installation Time and Money{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fprotocom-kt-bacnet-gateway%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1699648031296%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D [...]

Unicom 2500 Communication Interface Converter

Unicom 2500Communication Interface ConverterConverts RS485 to RS232 or to Fiber OpticProtects Against Spikes and Surges up to 2500 VoltsRugged Design - Perfect for SubstationsWithstands Harsh EnvironmentsSupports 2-Wire and 4-Wire RS485Switch-Selectable Settings{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Funicom-universal-communication-converter%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1699892274578%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThis rugged device reliably solves a host of communication problems. It converts two- or four-wire RS485 to RS232 (and back [...]

FiberCom Ethernet Media Converter

FiberComEthernet Media ConverterEasily Convert RJ45 Copper to Fiber OpticGives the Ability to Extend Range of Communication to 25 KilometersLPF Support for Fault Detection{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Ffibercom-media-converter%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1699897420284%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe FiberCom Media Converter provides 10/100Mbps communication between Cat 5 twisted pair Ethernet cables and Fiber Optic cables. The FiberCom protects your copper-wire investment, while extending the range [...]

CAB26522 USB-A to Mini-B 2.0

CAB26522USB-A to Mini-B 2.0 Communication Cable for the Shark® 250 Advanced Power and Energy MeterEasily Connect Your Computer to the Meter’s USB PortThree-foot Cable Length{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fcab26522-usb-a-to-mini-b-2-0%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1699988512548%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe CAB26522 USB-A to Mini-B 2.0 is a communication cable for the Shark® 250 advanced power and energy meter.{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fcab26522-usb-a-to-mini-b-2-0%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1699988523348%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }}Downloads DownloadsProduct BrochureDatasheetTech DocumentsUSB Port [...]

Instrument Transformers

Current Transformers

Current TransformersFor Power Metering ApplicationsmV CTs.Multiple Window Sizes and Current Ratios.UL Approved Models Available.Most CTs Currently in Stock and Ship Within 24 Hours!How to Choose CTs White Paper Solid Core EI-2SFT Series5 A SecondaryRatioPart No.WindowAccuracyBurden50 / 5 AEI-2SFT-5001.13"± 3.00%1.50100 / 5 AEI-2SFT-1011.13"± 1.00%2.00200 / 5 AEI-2SFT-2011.13"± 1.00%4.00Buy Now ($48.71)Datasheet EI-5SFT-4015 A SecondaryRatioPart No.WindowAccuracyBurden400 / 5 [...]

Rogowski Coil CT Kits

Rogowski Coil CT KitsProvide 0.333 V Secondary Output6 ft. twisted wire leads.Tamper-proof, secured twist-lock connector.Abrasion resistance; flexible in low temperature.UV-protected outer jacket; weather proof.UL94V-0 flame retardant plastic, CAT IV, double insulation, Pollution Degree 3.Phoenix-style terminal block connector.60 day lead time. Description IntroductionThe E183313-3, E183313-1, and E183313-2 Rogowski coil CT kits provide a 500, 2000, or [...]

3 Phase Delta Voltage Transformer

EI-2VT460-480FF3 Phase Delta Voltage TransformerManufactured to Meet the Requirements of ANSI C57.13Classified by UL in Accordance with IEC 44-2Designed for Open Delta Connection{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252F3-phase-delta-pt%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700056263037%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction Downloads DownloadsProduct BrochureDatasheet{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252F3-phase-delta-pt%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700056293053%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} https://www.electroind.com/top-5-reasons-buy-eig/ https://www.electroind.com/the-importance-of-support-in-metering/ https://www.electroind.com/electro-industries-power-meters-qualify-under-buy-american-act-of-1933/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU5pVnLef-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zg07amf1Q4

3 Phase WYE Voltage Transformer

EI-3VT472-480-208FF3 Phase WYE Voltage TransformerManufactured to Meet the Requirements of ANSI C57.13Classified by UL in Accordance with IEC 44-1Designed for Wye Connected Systems{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252F3-phase-wye-pt%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700059202520%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction Downloads DownloadsProduct BrochureDatasheet{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252F3-phase-wye-pt%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700059222293%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} https://www.electroind.com/top-5-reasons-buy-eig/ https://www.electroind.com/the-importance-of-support-in-metering/ https://www.electroind.com/electro-industries-power-meters-qualify-under-buy-american-act-of-1933/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU5pVnLef-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zg07amf1Q4

EI-75481P-KT – Control Power Transformer

EI-75481P-KTControl Power Transformer For EIG Meters{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fei-75481p%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700060147686%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction Introduction480 V AC/120 V AC, 75 VA Control Power TransformerEach EI-75481P-KT control power transformer can power two Nexus® 1252 with two displays or up to six Shark® 100 meters.{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fei-75481p%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700060159188%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} https://www.electroind.com/shark-100-100s-200-200s-250-270-multifunction-switchboard-power-meters-programming/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU5pVnLef-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvoEU_8I4oA

Switchboard Accessories

Power Brick PB1 Universal Substation Grade Power Supply

Power Brick PB1Universal Substation Grade Power SupplyIsolated and Short Circuit ProtectedAll Metal Enclosure12 VA PowerFor Industrial and Utility ApplicationsDesigned for Years of Reliable Service{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fpower-brick-universal-substation-grade-power-supply%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700154239367%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe Power Brick is a rugged substation grade power supply designed for harsh electrical environments. The unit offers up to 12 VA power and is used to [...]

EI-MSB10-400 Instrumentation Surge Protector

EI-MSB10-400Instrumentation Surge ProtectorProtect Critical Substation EquipmentUtilizes a Multi-stage Protection Scheme Designed to Improve Equipment ReliabilitySupports 2 Wire and 4 Wire RS485Fully Compliant with IEC 61643-1 and EN 61643-11 (Class 2 or Class 3 Test)Protective Internal Thermal Fusing{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fei-msb10-400-surge-protector%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700157169668%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionDesigned specifically to protect substation equipment from dangerous spikes and transients, the EI-MSB10-400 instrumentation [...]

ANT18769 Remote Mounted Wireless WiFi Antenna

ANT18769Remote Mounted Wireless WiFi AntennaDesigned to Extend WiFi Communication for the Shark® 100S/Shark® 200S Meters and the MP200™ Metering SystemMounts Easily Via a Magnetic BaseKit Contains Everything Necessary to be Up and Running in MinutesCan be Used with Any Wireless Router to Extend a WiFi NetworkCoaxial Cable for Connection to Meters{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fant18769-remote-mounted-wireless-wifi-antenna%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700162591496%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction [...]

Panel Meter Protective Fuse Kit

EI-CPPanel Meter Protective Fuse KitIncludes Single Pole Fuse Block and Three Pole Fuse BlockProtects Both Power Supply and Voltage InputsProvides Short Circuit Protection of Wiring Used to Connect to Control Power Input and Phase Conductor InputsFor Use on Circuits up to 600 V AC{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fpanel-meter-protective-fuse-kit%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700229887704%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe EI-CP panel meter protective fuse kit [...]

6 Pole CT Shorting Block

EI-SB-6TC6 Pole CT Shorting BlockRated: 600 VoltCurrent Rating: 75 A6 Pole Configuration with 4 Shorting ScrewsWire Range 10 AWG MaxClear, Removeable Plastic CoverMarking PlateTerminals Allow up to 1/2" Wide ConnectorsUL Recognized{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fei-sb-6tc%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700237294505%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction RATIOPart No.WINDOWCT Shorting BlockEI-SB-6TC4.25" x 1.5" / 2.0" x 1.25"IntroductionEI-SB-6TC 6 pole ct shorting block provides 6 pole configuration with [...]

FT Test Switch

SWCH1983FT Test SwitchFront Connected Style with Protective CoverSafe, Durable, Rugged, and ReliableRecognized by cUL and ULClass IE Qualified Per IEEE Standard 323-1974{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fft-switch%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700241080619%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe FT Test Switch is a compact, versatile solution for disconnecting and testing devices and circuits.{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fft-switch%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700241141858%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} https://www.electroind.com/top-5-reasons-buy-eig/ https://www.electroind.com/the-importance-of-support-in-metering/ https://www.electroind.com/electro-industries-power-meters-qualify-under-buy-american-act-of-1933/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU5pVnLef-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zg07amf1Q4

4 Pole and 6 Pole CT Shorting Block

EI-30CT04DR/EI-30CT06DR4 Pole and 6 Pole CT Shorting BlockCaptive Hardware to Prevent Lost Grounding ScrewsFinger Safe CoversDIN Rail Mounted for Faster InstallationSafer Than Traditional Shorting BlocksEasy to Install{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252F4-pole-and-6-pole-ct-shorting-blocks%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700242831970%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction CT Shorting Block ModelPart No.Price4 Pole CT Shorting BlockEI-30CT04DR$36.306 Pole CT Shorting BlockEI-30CT06DR$58.08IntroductionThe EI-30CT04DR/EI-30CT06DR 4 Pole and 6 Pole CT Shorting Block is DIN [...]

Shark® 270 Energy Meter I/O Terminal Breakout Box Kit

CONN20163-KTShark® 270 Energy Meter I/O Terminal Breakout Box KitEasily Connects From Meter’s I/O to Your EquipmentUtilizes Your Current Wiring SchemeSaves Time By Connecting Via a Simple One Step ProcessProvides Convenient Point of Termination{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fshark-270-energy-meter-i-o-terminal-breakout-box-kit%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700250886305%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionEIG’s CONN20163-KT terminal breakout box kit lets you connect the Shark® 270 meter to your equipment in a [...]

PQMII to Shark® Adapter Plate

E145372PQMII to Shark® Adapter PlateEasily Replace a PQMII Meter with a Newer Shark® MeterRemoves Necessity of Replacing Existing PanelSaves on Labor and Costs{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fpqmii-to-shark-adapter-plate%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700493252562%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe PQMII to Shark® adapter plate allows a user to retrofit an existing PQMII meter with a Shark® series meter without needing to cut or modify an existing [...]

P60N to P70N Mounting Adapter Plate

E171316P60N to P70N Mounting Adapter PlateEasily Replace a P60N Display with a P70N DisplayRemoves Necessity of Replacing Existing PanelSaves on Labor and Costs{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fp60n-to-p70n-mounting-plate%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700494306826%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe P60N to P70N mounting adapter plate allows a user to update the display when replacing a Nexus® 1252 meter with a Nexus® 1450 meter, without needing to [...]

P70N Touchscreen External LCD Display

P70N TouchscreenExternal LCD DisplayFor Use with the Nexus® 1450 MeterDisplays Meter Data, Including Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, and DemandPower Quality Screens, Including Phasors, Harmonic Magnitudes, Limit Alarms, and FlickerLog and Trending Data{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fp70n-touchscreen-external-lcd-display%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700497196877%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction P70N Touchscreen External LCD Display ScreensIntroductionThe P70N touchscreen external LCD display is designed for use with the Nexus® 1450 [...]

Optical / Serial Cables

B10U – Zero Power ANSI Optical Probe

B10UZero Power ANSI Optical ProbeRequires No Power SupplyBaud Rate - up to 38400 bpsANSI Type 2 CompatibleFor Use with EIG's Socket Revenue Meters2 Meter CableBidirectional InterfaceStrong Magnetic AdhesionUSB 2.0 Standard Connector{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fb10u-ansi-optical-probe%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700499736419%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe B10U is an ANSI type 2, zero power, optical communication probe. Its bidirectional interface utilizes infrared light. It provides [...]

CAB1942 – RS232 Serial Cable

CAB1942Five Wire RS232 Serial Cable6 Foot Long CableMale Connector DB 9 Pin at One EndFemale Connector DB 9 S at Other End5 Wires Only - 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 Pins{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fcab1942-5-wire-assembly-cable%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700575367863%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe CAB1942 is a special 5 wire assembly for the DB-9 cable.{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fcab1942-5-wire-assembly-cable%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700575385294%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} https://www.electroind.com/eig-releases-iec-61850-support-for-its-nexus-1450-cyber-secure-power-quality-meter/ https://www.electroind.com/eig-releases-color-touchscreen-external-display-for-nexus-1450-meter/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJSfyZWaNnQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PTNJTATAJA&t=135s

RS232 Serial Extension Cable

9PINCRS232 Serial Extension CableConnectors: DB9 Male to DB9 FemaleExtend Your Existing RS232 Serial CablesFully Shielded to Prevent Unwanted EMI/RFI InterferenceFully Molded Connectors with Thumbscrews Provide You with a Quick and Easy Connection Every TimeAll Lines Wired Straight Through{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Frs-232-cable-extension-cable%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700576900560%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionWith RS232 serial extension cables, you will no longer sacrifice convenience when it [...]

E205301 – RS485 to USB Communication Converter

E205301RS485 to USB Communication ConverterEasily Connect EIG Meters to a Computer's USB PortStandard 2 Wire RS485LEDs in the USB Connector Give a Visual Indication of Transmitting and ReceivingCable Port Powered - Doesn't Require External Power Supply{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Frs485-to-usb-communication-converter%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700571125746%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe RS485 to USB communication converter provides a fast, simple method to connect an EIG [...]

E159343 – Shark® 270 USB Communication Cable

E159343Shark® 270 USB Communication CableEasily Connect the Shark® 270 Meter to a Computer’s USB PortStandard 2 Wire RS485LEDs in the USB Connector Give a Visual Indication of Transmitting and ReceivingCable Port Powered - Doesn't Require External Power Supply{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Frj45-to-usb-communication-converter%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700571800340%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe Shark® 270 USB communication cable provides a fast, simple method to connect [...]

Replacement Accessories

Replacement Cover for the Shark® 270 Revenue Energy Meter

Shark® 270 Clear Cover ReplacementOptical Port Magnetic PlateReset Button PlungerPhysical Sealing Switch{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fshark-270-clear-cover-replacement%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700577782491%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe Shark® 270 replacement cover is made from high-quality Lexan material and is ideal to replace covers that have cracked or yellowed over time.{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fshark-270-clear-cover-replacement%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700577782491%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} https://www.electroind.com/upgrade-your-meter-to-4g-lte-technology/ https://www.electroind.com/product/shark-270-energy-meter-i-o-terminal-breakout-box-kit/ https://www.electroind.com/eigs-shark-270-revenue-meter-offers-4g-cellular-modem/ https://youtu.be/k5UF2_OOvmI https://youtu.be/GZAG00xXP74

Nexus® 1262-72 Replacement Cover

E128119Clear Cover Replacement for Nexus® 1262/1272/KV2 MetersOptical Port Magnetic PlateReset Button PlungerHardware Lock{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=flat&color=success&size=lg&align=left&link=url%3A%252Fproduct%252Fnexus-1262-1272-kv2-clear-cover-replacement%252F&el_class=buttonthicktext&css=.vc_custom_1700578721835%7Bpadding-bottom%3A+50px+%21important%3B%7D }} Introduction IntroductionThe Nexus® 1262-72 replacement cover is a direct replacement to the OEM Nexus® 1262/1272 or GE Clara KV2 series meter. Made from high-quality Lexan material, the meter cover is ideal to replace covers that have cracked or yellowed [...]

Power metering and power monitoring systems are becoming increasingly important as companies and individuals alike seek to optimize their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint. At Electro Industries/GaugeTech, we understand the importance of efficient energy management and have designed our products and software with this in mind.

Our power metering products offer high accuracy and reliable measurements of voltage, current, and power, allowing you to monitor and control your energy usage with precision. Our range of energy monitoring solutions includes the Nexus® 1500+ Power Quality Meter with Phasor Measurement Unit, which provides comprehensive real time power quality data to ensure the efficient operation of your electrical system.

In addition to our range of hardware solutions, we offer software to assist in energy management. Our CommunicatorPQA® power monitoring software and MeterManagerPQA® meter data management software provide advanced analysis and reporting of energy usage data to help identify areas for improvement and potential cost savings. We also offer EnergyPQA.com®, our AI driven energy management system, which utilizes machine learning to optimize energy consumption based on usage patterns.

With Electro Industries/GaugeTech, you are investing in high-quality power metering and power monitoring solutions designed to meet your energy management needs. Our products and software will provide you with the information and tools necessary to optimize your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint, and save you money.

What is a power monitor and metering system?

A power monitoring and metering system is designed to help you manage your energy usage, monitor power quality, and track utility costs. With this system, you can easily measure the amount of electricity used in real time, set alarms to notify you when energy consumption exceeds a predetermined limit, and access reports that detail how your electricity is being used. It is designed to help you manage your energy usage, monitor power quality, and track utility costs. Electro Industries offers a wide range of power metering products and software, such as the Nexus® 1500+ Power Quality meter and Shark® 270 Energy meter, to help businesses and industries reduce their energy consumption and save money.

Why is power monitoring important?

Power monitoring is important in achieving energy efficiency, reducing operational costs, and improving equipment longevity. Electro Industries’ power metering products provide accurate and real time information about the power usage and quality, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. This includes detecting power issues and determining if the equipment is using energy efficiently or not. Proper power monitoring can save money by optimizing the use of energy. Ultimately, power monitoring plays an essential role in enhancing business sustainability and environmental responsibility. Electro Industries is a trusted supplier of quality power metering products.

What is the use of power metering system?

Power metering systems are designed to help manage and monitor energy usage, ensuring that electricity is being used efficiently. Electro Industries offers a wide range of power metering products that can accurately measure energy usage and provide real-time data, making it easier to identify areas of waste and take corrective action. From basic single function meters to more advanced systems with phasor measurement units, Electro Industries has the tools needed to optimize power usage and improve energy efficiency. By using power metering and monitoring, businesses and individuals can reduce energy costs and reduce their environmental impact.

What are the benefits of power metering software?

Power metering software provides numerous benefits for both commercial and industrial organizations. By analyzing power usage and identifying inefficiencies, power metering software can help reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency, and optimize system performance. Electro Industries/GaugeTech offers a range of power metering products and software to monitor and manage energy usage, from their Shark® meters for real-time monitoring to CommunicatorPQA® software for data management. Investing in power metering and monitoring software is a smart move for any organization looking to save on energy costs and increase their bottom line.