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Unicom 2500 Communication Interface Converter

This rugged device reliably solves a host of communication problems. It converts two- or four-wire RS485 to RS232 (and back again), and an optional module converts either of these formats into fiber optic, bidirectionally. The Unicom 2500 communication interface converter communicates at a rate of up to 115 kilo baud and it even increases the throughput of two-wire RS485 mode. Its opto-isolation protects your valuable equipment and buses from destructive spikes and surges of up to 2500 volts. The Unicom 2500 also has a DTE/DCE switch that eliminates the need for a null-modem.

  • All RS485 or RS232 speaking devices can be converted to fiber optic.
  • An additional Unicom 2500 converts the fiber optic back to RS232 or RS485.
  • RS485 to RS232 (bidirectional)
  • RS485 ot RS232 to fiber optic (bidirectional)
  • Up to 115k baud
  • Fiber Optic to RS232 or RS485 (bidirectional)

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