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Energy Management System

The EnergyPQA.com® application is a next-generation energy management system providing energy analytics and predictions, reducing costs and improving power system reliability. It surpasses traditional Energy Management systems by adding energy prediction engines and deep insights into power quality.

Reduce Electrical Energy Costs using Enterprise Energy Analysis

Facility Energy Analysis
The EnergyPQA.com® solution offers an innovative approach to energy management by comparing and predicting energy usage across facilities. Pinpoint problem areas and energy inefficiencies by reporting on highest energy usage and on highest peak demand contributors. Improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption by quickly identifying poorly performing buildings and implementing energy conservation.

Manage Demand and Usage Using Predictive Analytics

Predictive Load Intelligence
The EnergyPQA.com® energy management system predicts energy usage and demand into the future using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. It predicts a new predictive peak demand up to three days in advance. This allows a user to avoid demand penalty charges by enacting preemptive demand reduction based on these warnings.

Prevent Downtime, Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Liability

Power Quality Insights
It is estimated that 30-40% of all commercial downtime is power quality related. Facility downtime results in billions of dollars lost annually. Avoid power quality problems from becoming catastrophic by identifying voltage sags and other fault events within facilities.

The EnergyPQA.com® energy management system provides you with comprehensive PQ analysis including:

  • Voltage Surge and Sag waveform viewer
  • Current fault analysis
  • CBEMA and SEMI F47 analysis
  • Harmonic magnitudes and THD
  • Phase Imbalance analysis
  • PF analysis

Enterprise-Level Reporting Provides Analysis for Your Complete Business

With the EnergyPQA.com® system, you can perform analysis of your energy usage enterprise-wide. The system’s enterprise level reporting lets you compare the following, for each of your facilities:

  • Total energy usage
  • Energy used per square foot
  • Energy used per occupant
Enterprise Reporting
Top Ten Facility Energy Usage Top 10 Facility Energy Usage

Calculate CO2 Footprint per Facility or Enterprise-Wide

In addition, you can view CO2 footprint, which lets you analyze your carbon footprint per facility and for your total enterprise, measuring your impact on the environment. And you can view predicted energy usage through the end of the month and year and the usage change from the prior month and year, for your enterprise and for each facility. The enterprise comparison feature also lets you view the following graphs:

  • Total usage for the past five years, for energy, energy per square foot, energy per occupant, and CO2 footprint
  • Top ten facilities for usage and predicted usage through the end of the month
  • Enterprise usage comparison between current year and prior year, for each facility

Top 10 Facility CO2 Output

And you can view predicted energy usage through the end of the month and year and the usage change from the prior month and year, for your enterprise and for each facility. The EnergyPQA Energy Management system’s enterprise comparison feature also lets you view the above graphs.

Virtual Meters and Meter Totalization

This release also includes meter totalization allows users to aggregate loads. For instance, the user can define all plug loads, lighting loads, aggregate meters for a depiction of the meter main. This is essential for many jurisdictional requirements. Also, meter totalization is very useful for submetering, cost allocation and other energy sub-billing requirements.

Email Alerts for Out of Limit Conditions

EnergyPQA.com® energy management system provides emails of alarm conditions. These conditions include:

  • New Peak Demand
  • New Predicted Peak Demand within Three Days
  • Power Quality Events
  • Out of Limit Alarms
  • New Waveform Recordings

Key Functionality

Facility Energy Analysis Predictive Load Intelligence Power Quality Insights
facility-energy-analysis predictive-load-intelligence power-quality-insights
Enterprise Reporting Automated Reports Hourly Email alerts
enterprise-reporting automated-report-generator hourly-email-alerts
Meter Data Management Energy Usage Billing Data Integrity and Security
meter-data-management energy-usage-billing data-integrity-and-security

Advanced Cyber Security Ensures that Your Energy Data is Safe

Data Integrity and Security
The EnergyPQA.com® energy management system is hosted and maintained by EIG. No client software or VPN access is needed. Using a browser, the user signs onto the system with an encrypted username and password. In addition, safely access your data using any connected device such as a phone, tablet, or PC. To ensure that your data is safe, the system uses advanced cyber secure tools. Key features include:

  • Secured Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Data Stored Redundantly at Customer Site and on the Cloud
  • SSL Encryption
  • Role Based Authorization
  • Encrypted Passwords and API Keys
  • Data Security: Firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Encryption
  • One-way push of data allows IT personnel to be confident there will be no breach of the network

Generate Customized Spreadsheet-based Reports on Data

Automated Reports
Generate highly customizable reports on an Enterprise-wide basis with the EnergyPQA.com® system. Reports can be emailed on a scheduled basis for daily, weekly, monthly, or other time schedules. Setup is easy and quick with the standard report templates available.

Standard reports include:

  • Watt Total
  • Energy in the Interval
  • Demand in the Interval
  • Voltage and Frequency
  • Watts/Vars/VA
  • Total Harmonic distortion
  • All reports can be edited with new readings

Custom report attributes include:

  • Titles
  • Simple formulas
  • Complex formulas
  • Summation and averaging
  • Date and time of max reading
  • Bar and line charts
  • Real time report preview
  • Standard spreadsheet editing format

Energy Management System Architecture

Commercial and Industrial
System Architecture
Utility System
energy management system energy management system



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