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    Cloud-based Energy Management System

    Providing energy analytics and predictions, reducing costs and improving power system reliability.

    Surpasses traditional Energy Management systems by adding Energy Prediction Engines and deep insights into Power Quality.


    Cloud-based Energy Management System

    Ideal for Sustainability and Go Green Initiatives
    Providing energy analytics and predictions, reducing costs and
    improving power system reliability.

    Surpasses traditional Energy Management systems by adding
    Energy Prediction Engines and deep insights into Power Quality.
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Cloud-based Energy Management System

The EnergyPQA.com® system gives you a next generation cloud based energy management system. It adds AI-based energy prediction engines that enable it to surpass older, traditional energy management systems. The system’s AI algorithms predict usage trends into the future, so that you can be proactive in reducing demand and saving on energy costs. In addition, the system provides deep insights into power quality. This critical information results in increased power reliability, maximizing your system uptime. The EnegyPQA.com® system is an invaluable tool for enterprise energy management.

Facility Energy Analysis
Identify Poorly Performing Buildings – an Energy Efficient Building can Consume up to 85% Less Power

  • Analyze energy usage per facility.
  • View energy dashboards with predictive intelligence.
  • Report on highest demand contributors.
  • Report on highest energy usage.
  • Chart degree days.
  • Perform load disaggregation.
Cloud-based Energy Management System

AI-based Predictive Analytics
Immediate and Significant Cost Savings by Implementing even Modest Demand Reduction

  • Use machine learning to accurately predict demand and energy usage into the future.
  • Predict usage using weather forecasts.
  • Take action on peak demand predictions in advance of usage.
  • Reduce peak demand costs significantly.
Cloud-based Energy Management System

Power Quality Insights
Prevent Downtime, Improve Efficiencies, and Reduce Liability

  • Comprehensive power quality analysis.
  • Monitor harmonics and THD.
  • Report to industry indices such as CBEMA and SEMI F47.
  • Graphical waveform records of voltage surges, sags, and other fault events.
  • Automated enterprise wide power factor reporting.
  • Alarming on all power quality events.
Cloud-based Energy Management System
Cloud-based Energy Management System

Enterprise Energy Analysis
Enterprise-Level Reporting Provides Analysis for Your Complete Business

  • Energy analytics for facility comparisons: energy usage, energy used per square foot, energy used per occupant.
  • Determine impact on the environment and assess the success of sustainability initiatives by monitoring total and per location carbon footprint.
  • For each facility, view predicted energy usage through end of the year and change from the prior month and year.
  • View total energy usage for last five years.
  • View top ten facilities for usage and predicted usage through end of the month.
  • Totalize meters for accurate depiction of full facility load.
Cloud-based Energy Management System

Automated Report Generator
Generate Customized Spreadsheet-based Reports on Data, Enterprise-wide

  • Highly Configurable Report Generator.
  • Comes with Many Standard Report Templates.
  • Create Custom Reports or Append to Templates.
  • Built-in Summation and Averaging of Data.
  • Create Complex Formulas for Specific Calculations.
  • Charting and Graphing.
  • Automated Configurable Email Scheduler.
Cloud-based Energy Management System

Hourly Email Alerts
Program Email Alerts for Multiple Meter Conditions

  • Set up Email Alerts for:
    • Peak Demand.
    • New Predicted Peak Demand within Three Days.
    • All Power Quality Events.
    • Out of Limit Conditions.
    • New Waveform Recording.
  • Alerts are Grouped into the Hourly Email to Avoid Duplication.
  • Send to Multiple Email Addresses.
Cloud-based Energy Management System

Data Integrity and Cyber Security
Proven Security and Encryption Technology Provides Acceptance to Corporate IT Policies

  • Cloud computing architecture.
  • Data stored redundantly at customer site and in the cloud.
  • Network security: SSL encryption.
  • Role-based authorization.
  • Dual factor authentication.
  • Encrypted passwords and API keys.
  • Data security: firewalls, intrusion detection, and encryption.
Cloud-based Energy Management System

System Architecture
Eliminate Need for Internal IT and Engineering Resources

  • Intelligent plug and play system auto-discovers installed meters.
  • Automatic collection of data.
  • Intuitive user interfaces and reports.
Cloud-based Energy Management System


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