When does my EnergyPQA software license begin?

Your license starts the day it is issued so you can begin using EnergyPQA right away.

How can I download EnergyPQA to start my license?

You will receive an email with everything needed including a download link, license key and expiration date after your purchase is completed.

Can the EIG Technical Support team help me download EnergyPQA?

You can call or email the EIG technical support team to assist you Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm EST. Call (877) 346–3837 or email The number for assistance is also included in the bottom of the email.

What server is hosted on? is hosted on AWS server(s).

Can I set up an alarm that will notify me when my EnergyPQA license is about to expire?

You will receive an email from EIG that your EnergyPQA license will expire in X days.

Is it true I will get additional EIG software if I purchase EnergyPQA?

Yes, when you purchase a license you also get the CommunicatorPQA 5.0, MeterManagerPQA and EnergyReporterPQA software package all for free.

What happens to CommunicatorPQA 5.0 and EnergyReporterPQA when my subscription expires?

When your license expires the software will go into expired mode. You lose EnergyPQA but the other software will continue to run. When you re-install EnergyPQA you will automatically get all your data pushed back up to the cloud.

What happens if I need to replace a meter. Will that metering point still work with

Yes, you can use the same license for your replacement meter.

If I replace a meter will this jeopardize my predictions?

No, replacing or swapping meters will not have an affect on your predictions.

How often are the predictions updated?

Predictions are updated every 48 hours.

How many people at my facility can be logged onto at the same time?

You can easily have over 1,000 people logged on at the same time.

For a Shark® MP200 meter, how does payment work in relation to EnergyPQA?

You are charged per metered circuit. For example, if you are using 7 metered circuits, you will only pay for the 7 points you are using.

How can I take one or more of my meters off the cloud?

From MeterManagerPQA you can select and deselect which meters you want pushed up to the cloud.

Will my Utility still meet NERC CIP compliance requirements if it uses

Your Utility will still be NERC CIP compliant if it uses or any EIG software.

Is there a prorate option available?

Yes, if you are interested in prorating, speak to your regional sales manager.

What port does MeterManagerPQA push the data through?

Port 443

What ports does EnergyPQA use?

Port 443

What are the names and IP addresses of the host and the TCP and UDP ports used for communications in the™ system?

The™ system uses HTTP/HTTPS web requests to an Amazon Cloud Host. This is a collection of changing servers/IP addresses, but traffic to “” will always go there. The TCP ports are 80 and 443, which are the standard website ports: if a user can browse websites from the computer, then our cloud solution will work.