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ST40 Compact DIN Rail Energy Meter with Power Quality

The ST40 DIN rail energy meter is one of the smallest energy and power quality meters in the world. The meter installs on a DIN rail in a small footprint application where space is at a premium. The ST40 DIN rail energy meter provides 0.2% class energy accuracy and offers advanced power quality features, including the ability to record PQ waveform events at up to 512 samples per cycle, and Harmonic readings to the 40th order.

Advanced Revenue Metering

The ST40 DIN rail energy meter’s voltage measurement range is up to 576 V L-N (300 V L-N per UL); current inputs can be ordered for industry standard 5 A and 1 A current transformers. It has a separate power input connection and utilizes an extended range power supply with voltage up to 300 V L-N, eliminating the need for a separate control power transformer. The ST40 DIN rail energy meter is ideal for machine level monitoring, solar, wind, and other applications with limited installation space.

  • ANSI C12.20 0.2 Accuracy Class
  • Traceable Watt-hour Test Pulse
  • Utility Block and Rolling Average Demand
  • Historical Load Profiling
  • Transformer and Line Loss Compensation
  • CT/PT Compensation
  • Line Frequency Time Sync
  • Lockable Voltage and Current Inputs

Extensive Data Logging Capability

Additionally, the ST40 DIN rail energy meter has extensive memory to store load profiles, system events, limits, and alarms. It has either RS485 or Ethernet communication that support Modbus and DNP3 protocols, making it easy to bring data back to existing software or directly to EIG’s EnergyPQA.com™ Cloud Solution for cost management energy analysis, AI based demand and usage predictions and deep insights into power quality analytics and predictions. The meter is also compatible with MV90 and SCADA applications.

Power Quality Measurement and Analysis

The ST40 DIN rail energy meter records up to 512 samples per cycle for a voltage sag or swell, or a current fault event. The unit provides the pre and post-event recording capability shown in the table at the bottom of this page. Waveform records are programmable to the desired sampling rate.

The meter’s advanced DSP design allows power quality triggers to be based on a 1 cycle updated RMS. Up to 170 events can be stored until the memory fills. The meter stores waveform data in a first-in/first-out circular buffer to ensure data is always recording.

The unit uniquely offers a waveform scope to view the real time waveform for voltage and current. The waveform scope allows the meter to be used as a basic oscilloscope to view the electrical sine waves.



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