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F-Series Single Function Switchboard Meters

EIG manufactures a complete line of single-function switchboard metering systems that fit directly into the standard switchboard meter configuration (AB40) cutout. The units can be adjusted to display any scaling and can be labeled to read any parameter. EIG’s F-series meters offer standard retrofit to existing analog meters. Convert single-function analog meters to digital without modifying your panel.


  • Single-Phase Volts (AC or DC).
  • Single-Phase Amperes (AC or DC).
  • Frequency.
  • DC Shunt Readout.
  • Transducer inputs – (0-1) or (4-20) mA, scaled to any parameter.

Meter Display

  • Big, easy-to-read display.
  • Single function readout.
  • Display voltage, current, frequency, or transducer readout.
  • Standard ANSI cutout.
  • Classic instrumentation design.
F-Series Single Function Switchboard Meters

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