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Panel Meter Protective Fuse Kit

The EI-CP panel meter protective fuse kit is very convenient and low cost. It protects both the power supply and voltage inputs.

The model EI-CP panel meter protective fuse kit provides short circuit protection of the wiring used to connect to the control power input and phase conductor inputs on the Shark® and DM Series meters. For use on circuits not to exceed 600 V AC.

Each kit contains:

  • (1) Time-Delay, 10 mm x 38 mm, 500 V, 3 A, Fuse
  • (3) Fast-Acting, 10 mm x 38 mm, 600 V, 100 mA, Fuse
    • Interrupting Rating: 100,000 A RMS Sym. (UL)
    • UL Listed, STD. 248-14, (Guide #JDYX, File #E19180
    • CSA Certified: C22.2 NO. 248.14
    • (File #53787 Class #1422-01)
  • (1) Single Pole Fuse block
  • (1) Three Pole Fuse Block w/Quick Connect & Screw Terminals
    • Ampere Rating: 100 mA to 30 A (Quick connect rated for 20A max.)
    • Voltage Rating: 600 V
    • Withstand Rating: 10,000 A RMS Sym. or interrupting rating of the fuse used, whichever is lower.
    • UL Recognized, UL 512, Guide IZLT2, File E14853
    • CSA Certified, C22.2 No. 39, Class 6225-01, File 47235
    • UL Flammability: 94 VO
    • Material: Thermoplastic
    • Accommodates 10-18AWG Cu 20 Lb. In.

panel meter protective fuse kit

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