Westbury, NY (Tuesday, July 27, 2021) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces that its Nexus® 1500+ advanced power quality meter enclosure now supports connecting to external power inputs. This allows the meter to be connected to an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or a DC battery system. By using the external supply inputs, the meter will remain on and record waveform events during an outage.

There are now four different options for the power supply input to meet every need for control power:

  • 277/480 V AC line powered enclosure.
  • (120-240) V AC/DC line powered enclosure.
  • (18-60) V DC external powered enclosure.
  • New (120-240) V AC/DC external powered enclosure.

The Nexus® 1500+ meter in enclosure extends switchgear capability without expensive and time-consuming redesign. It comes prewired in a NEMA 1 indoor enclosure with the meter installed, ready to mount next to existing switchgear. Standard equipment includes voltage fuses, a shorting block for current inputs, and a control power transformer if purchased with the 277/480 V power system. The enclosure meets UL508.

For more information on the Nexus® 1500+ meter in enclosure, visit its webpage, at: