Westbury, NY (Tuesday, August 3, 2021) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces that its Nexus® 1500+ advanced power quality meter supports phasor measurement unit (PMU) capabilities for use in utility grid stability measurements. The meter provides instantaneous voltage, current, frequency, and other measurements, time synchronized to either IEEE 1588 PTP or IRIG-B sources. The meter’s synchrophasor capability fits both P and M classes and offers two simultaneous communication sessions. This feature is currently shipping and available as a standard upgrade for all Nexus® 1500+ power quality meters.

In addition to PMU synchrophasor support, the Nexus® 1500+ meter now has EIG’s most advanced security technology – Resilient Cyber SecurityTM. Features of this technology include 128-bit encrypted configuration, role-based authorization that supports eight discrete roles, password fail timeouts, security lock, an encrypted digital firmware signature with 512-bit encryption, and key based topology.

For more information on the Nexus® 1500+ meter, visit its webpage, at: