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Nexus 1500+ Power Quality Meter with Phasor Measurement Unit

The Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter is a primary and testable revenue meter that provides advanced power quality analysis and synchrophasor outputs. Access this information in both real time and with reports compliant with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3 and EN 50160 international standards. The meter measures voltage transient events at up to 50 MHz speeds. In this way, the Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter provides you with a comprehensive picture of your circuits’ power usage and system reliability.

Grid Monitoring, Substation Automation and Reliability Measurements

Designed for critical and important circuit monitoring, the Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter is a precision instrument that ensures all aspects of the electrical circuit are captured. The meter is ideal for grid monitoring, substation automation, and distribution substation reliability measurements.

IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Power Quality and Fault Recorder

EIG’s Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter is a premier fault and voltage disturbance recorder. This instrument captures and stores a comprehensive picture of the history of voltage reliability, current faults and power quality events for detailed forensic engineering analysis. Power quality recording features include:

  • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Ed. 3 Power Quality Meter
  • IEC 61000-4-15 Class A Flicker Meter
  • IEC 61000-4-7 Class A Harmonics and Interharmonics Analysis
  • EN 50160 Power Quality Compliance Reports
  • Phasor Analysis
  • Symmetrical Components

On Board Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Feature Improves Power System Stability

The Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter meets the IEEE C37.118.1a-2014 Class P and M standard, providing real time synchrophasor outputs. Synchrophasors are high speed phasor readings taken from multiple locations on the electrical grid and synchronized to a highly accurate time source. PMUs, in conjunction with phasor data concentrators, provide wide-area situational awareness for system operators, giving them tools to adjust and improve power stability.

  • Determine stress points in the transmission system
  • View phase divergence in different parts of the system
  • Detect islanding
  • Address power system weaknesses to ensure reliable power

Synchrophasor Features:

  • Calculates voltage and current phasors and line flow
  • Both P and M classes are supported
  • Data Frame Rates 50 Hz: 10/25/50 frames per second; 60 Hz: 10/12/15/20/30/60 frames per second
  • Data Format: Configurable Float or Integer, Polar or Rectangular
  • Time Sync Standard: IRIG-B or IEEE 1588v2 PTP
  • Number of Sessions: 2 (two clients can communicate with the Nexus® 1500+ PMU at one time)
  • Supports Ethernet or Fiber over Ethernet

Multiport Communication

The Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter offers up to 6 simultaneous communication ports and multiple protocols to meet almost every need.

Hardware Features

  • 2 optional RS485 ports speaking Modbus and/or DNP3
  • USB front panel port
  • ANSI optical front panel port
  • 2 separately addressable Ethernet ports
  • Optional Fiber or RJ45 media on one Ethernet port

Ethernet Communication Port Capabilities

  • 2 Ethernet ports provide multiple simultaneous communication
  • Each port has separate MAC address and IP address
  • Supports Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3, and IEC 61850
  • GOOSE messaging protocol supported for IEC 61850
  • Up to 32 Modbus TCP/IP sockets per Ethernet port
  • Highly secure port control to disable unneeded services and ports
  • SNMP protocol V1 and V2c supported
  • Email function – SMTP email to client on alarm
  • Precise time synchcronization – SNTP time sync protocol
  • IEEE 1588 PTP for time sync
  • File Transfer Protocol – High-speed file data transfer

Highly Accurate Energy Measurement Metrology

The Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter incorporates advanced metrology. The unit has onboard auto-calibration capability that calibrates its internal circuitry in real time, every 10 seconds. This improves meter accuracy over time and over temperature. Auto-calibrating metrology is ideal for critical metering. Providing highly accurate measurements exceeding the ANSI C12.20 (0.1 Accuracy Class) standard and the IEC 62053-22 (0.2S Class) standard, the Nexus® 1500+ provides an Energy Class accuracy of 0.06%, with typical shipping accuracies of 0.02%. Quickly determine accuracy using the meter’s high speed energy test pulse. In addition, the meter also features a new precision real time clock that offers accuracy of 3.5 ppm or less than 10 seconds per month drift.

Resilient™ Cyber Security

The Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter provides EIG’s industry leading Cyber Security. Resilient™ Cyber Security has role-based authorization and multiple safeguards to protect the meter from unwanted intrusions and to provide critical substation meter data security. Features of Resilient™ Cyber Security include:

  • An Admin user with full rights and a programmable password of up to 24 characters
  • Ten user IDs with passwords of up to 24 characters
  • Role-based security, with eight configurable roles
  • Encrypted communication of sensitive data, such as passwords, usernames, roles, and rights
  • Customization of the encryption key by the Admin user
  • Expiration programming of passwords and/or the encryption key by the Admin user
  • Firmware is “signed” with a digital signature embedded in the firmware
  • Security lockout is available for the highest level of protection – it prevents Resilient™ Cyber Security from being disabled.


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