EIG Nexus® Meter Demo

EIG Nexus® Meter Demo

The Nexus® 1500+ meter is a primary, testable revenue meter that provides advanced power quality analysis functions, including support for Synchrophasor applications, to improve your power system reliability and reduce costly downtime.

The meter has 0.06% energy accuracy to meet your critical metering requirements. The meter is also a highly accurate precision revenue meter. Its Resilient Cyber Security, multiport communication, and easy retrofit make it the ideal upgrade to your current PQ meter.

Key Features

  • Measure power quality to IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Ed. 3 standard.
  • Use class-leading metrology for precision revenue metering, especially at low currents.
  • Improve power system stability with phasor measurement unit (PMU) functionality.
  • Protect your critical substation data and equipment from attacks with Resilient Cyber Security™.
  • Multiport communication, multiple protocols, and extensive I/O meet your power system’s requirements.