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Shark 50 Multifunction Electrical Switchboard Meter

Electro Industries introduces an affordable 0.5% Class electrical switchboard meter. Utilizing bright and large 0.56″ LED displays, this unit is designed to be installed in electrical panels and switchgear. The Shark® 50 meter includes a unique anti-dither algorithm to improve reading stability, benefiting operators. The unit utilizes high speed DSP technology with high resolution A/D conversion to provide stable and reliable measurements. The Shark® 50 switchboard meter is easy to use and install and is perfect for new metering applications and as a simple replacement of existing analog meters.


  • 0.5% Class Accuracy Measurements Including Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Energy, Etc.
  • Optional RS485 with Modbus Protocol
  • Large Bright Red LED Display
  • % of Load Bar for Analog Meter Perception
  • Fits Both ANSI and DIN Cut-outs
  • Great For Retrofit and New Switchboard Meter Applications
  • Uses Minimal Panel Space and Depth


  • Commercial Metering
  • Industrial Metering
  • Power Generation
  • Campus Metering
  • Submetering
  • Indication Meter Replacement

Easy to Use and Install

From user interface to mechanical construction, the Shark® 50 switchboard meter was designed to be easy and intuitive, so an installer with minimal meter experience and training can easily install and use this product.

  • Easy to use faceplate programming
  • PC setup
  • Phasor diagram showing wiring status
  • Auto scroll feature
  • Analog style % of Load Bar
  • Shallow panel depth
  • Color coordinated voltage and current inputs


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