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P70N Touchscreen External LCD Display
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P70N Touchscreen External LCD Display Screens


The P70N touchscreen external LCD display is designed for use with the Nexus® 1450 Cyber Secure Energy panel meter. It connects to any of the meter’s four RS485 ports and is powered by the meter. The P70N display offers multiple pre-programmed screens of meter readings and information:

  • For use with the Nexus® 1450 Power Quality Meter
  • Provides a touch screen, color display
  • NEMA 4 rated at the panel
  • Display most measured electrical parameters
  • Provides Harmonics and a waveform display
  • Easy to use and self-powered from the Meter

SMPKP70N – ANSI Mounting Kit

  • The SMPKP70N mounting kit lets you easily mount the P70N in an ANSI form. See the video on the right.

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