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Shark 200 Data Logging Power and Energy Meter

Electro Industries introduces a new standard in panel mounted power metering. The Shark® 200 power and energy meter is an ultra-compact power metering device, providing industry leading revenue metering functionality combined with advanced data-logging, communication and I/O traditionally found only in high performance and high cost systems. This power and energy meter is designed to incorporate advanced features in a cost effective, small package for large scale, low cost deployment within an electrical distribution system.

Basic Features Summary

  • 0.2% Class Revenue Certifiable Energy and Demand Metering
  • Meets ANSI C12.20 0.2 CL and IEC 62053-22 0.2S Accuracy Standard
  • Multifunction Measurement
  • 3 Line .56″ LED display and % of Load Bar for Analog Perception
  • 0.007 Hz Frequency Measurement for Generating Stations
  • Standard RS485 (Modbus and DNP3)
  • IrDA Port Enables Laptop PC Reading and Programming
  • Ultra Compact Power and Energy meter
  • Fits both ANSI and DIN Cutouts

Advanced Features Summary

  • High Performance Waveform Recorder
  • Up to 4 Megabytes Flash for Historical Data Logging and PQ Recording
  • Extremely Configurable Field Upgradable I/O
  • 100BaseT Ethernet – Rapid Response™ Technology
  • V-Switch™ Technology
  • High Precision Frequency Measurement for Frequency Control

Advanced Revenue Power and Energy Metering Capabilities

  • Line Frequency Time Sync
  • Traceable Watt-hour Test Pulse
  • Utility Block and Rolling Average Demand
  • Historical Load Profiling
  • Transformer and Line Loss Compensation
  • CT/PT Compensation


  • Utility Electrical Metering
  • Commercial Metering
  • Substations
  • Industrial Metering
  • Power Generation
  • Campus Metering
  • Submetering
  • Analog Meter Replacement
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Disturbance Recording
  • Load Studies
  • Voltage Recording


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