Installing CTs correctly is critical to receive good data from your EIG Meter. Here are the three main things you must know:

  1. One side of the CT is the high side, which needs to face the source of the energy
  2. White wires (terminals) connect to the high inputs on the side of the meter and the black wires connect to the low inputs
  3. You can’t cross the voltage in the CT inputs

You need a current through the CTs in order to get an accurate reading. You can’t validate the installation until you have at least 5% of the rated capacity.

For complete information on CT installation, please watch our video below. Forrest Whitt, Senior Application Engineer, will walk you through the details.

You can find a PDF version of the wiring diagram on our website under Downloads. Please contact our dedicated team at any time with questions regarding your power meter. You can also join us for one of our upcoming free training sessions throughout the US.