We are now less than 48 hours away from 2016.

For many companies, this not only signifies the beginning of a new calendar year, but a new fiscal year as well. This is the perfect time to balance your books, check your inventory, and evaluate potential opportunities to save money and improve business operations for the next year.

Does your 2016 budget allocate money to invest in an energy management system? If not, here are three reasons why it should.

1. An energy management system can reduce energy costs by up to 20%.

In 2015 alone, how much money did your business spend on energy? What if we told you that we can reduce that number by up to 20%? It’s true, a professionally-installed energy management system tells you exactly how much electricity your facility is using in real time. With this information, you can identify areas of inefficiency and implement energy-saving programs to help you cut back on costs.

2. An energy management system helps prevent lost revenue due to downtime.

The high-quality power meters manufactured by Electro Industries also double as power quality analyzers. This means that you can ensure that your facility is receiving a steady, reliable stream of power at all times. You can instantly receive email alerts when something is wrong, helping you avoid costly downtime and any lost revenue associated with it.

3. An energy management system is socially responsible.

With the growing concern for environmental issues across the world, corporations are doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprints. An energy management system will not only help you save money, it will help you save the environment too. Promoting your new-found commitment to going green is also a surefire way to improve your public image.

Are you interested in learning more about energy management systems and how they can help your business? Speak to one of the experts at Electro Industries – after all, we have been at the forefront of power monitoring technology for the past 40 years. Give us a call at (866) 928-7908 or send an email to sales@www.electroind.com