Whether you are looking to add extra power outlets or protect your electronic equipment, you will eventually want to purchase a surge protector. While comparing different models can be confusing with all of the technical terms, here are five things you should know – in layman’s terms.

1. They are not all created equal.

Just like pretty much every product on the market, there are good surge protectors and there are bad. Surge protection is generally not something you want to skimp on, so spend a little more money and get a model that offers maximum protection.

2. They are needed now more than ever.

Long gone are the days of simple machines. In these modern times, everything has a circuit board – your washer, dryer, even LED lights. This means that there is more to be protected now than there ever was in the past.

3. Some manufacturers offer warranties.

If you are really concerned about the protection of your equipment, buy a surge protector that offers a warranty. According to CNET, one Belkin model offers a repair/replacement guarantee in their warranty, up to $300,000.

4. Spikes can come over any wire.

Most power spikes come over the electricity line, but they can also be carried into your home through your phone and cable lines. That’s why some surge protectors have connectors for these lines as well.

5. We are self-damaging our electronics.

When we think “power surge”, we probably picture the fierce lightning storm that caused it, but in fact, 80% of the damage comes from our own doing. If you have ever blown a fuse from turning on the air conditioner in the summer, you know what we are talking about. These types of spikes won’t fry your appliances on the spot, but they will add up over the years.

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