You know that Electro Industries is a worldwide leader in energy management systems, but what else do you know? Take a look at these five facts about our company – you might be surprised what you learn.


1. We helped pioneer the power monitoring industry more than 40 years ago.

Sam Kagan founded Electro Industries in 1975 with one goal in mind: to create the first multifunction meter. Since then, Electro Industries has made one innovation after another, compiling a multitude of patents, trademarks, and awards over the past 40 years.


2. Our power meters have been installed all around the world.

Hundreds of thousands of Electro Industries power meters, submeters, and energy management software have been installed in virtually every corner in the globe. We help a variety of businesses, utility companies, universities, and government entities throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. Check out our case studies library to learn more.


3. We offer free customer training seminars throughout the country.

In order to get the most out of out power monitoring products, it is essential that you understand how they work – inside and out. That’s why our dedicated training team travels the country providing free hands-on seminars for our valued customers. Click here to view our upcoming training schedule.


4. Our products are backed by our industry-leading four-year warranty.

Quality is our most important goal. All of our products are built to last, and our industry-best four-year warranty assures you of that. If other companies don’t have confidence in their products, how can they expect you to?


5. The United States Army counts on us, and you can too.

That’s right; the United States Army is currently using Electro Industries power meters in their bases across the country in an effort to reduce energy consumption. The initiative started in 2008 and has been very successful over the past decade. Click here to learn more.


Want to learn how Electro Industries power monitoring equipment can help your business save energy, money, and the environment? Visit our website, or give us a call at 866-928-7908.