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Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) strives every day to be the best and most reliable provider for power and energy metering, power quality, and energy management. EIG ensures success with our dependable metering technology, our advanced cloud software, and our world-wide field engineering support. We have a long history of innovation, including hardware, software, artificial intelligence, IOT, and advanced reporting. Contact our sales engineering team for an EIG Demo at sales@electroind.com or 516-334-0870 help with building a solution for your specific application.

Key Features

Power Metering

  • Perform Highly Accurate Metering – certified 0.1% energy class metrology ensures reliable, defensible billing and precision monitoring for your critical metering applications.
  • Save Money with Analysis of Power System Health – receive alerts on power quality anomalies to reduce downtime and ensure power reliability. Up to $39 billion dollars is lost annually due to power interruptions.
  • Mitigate Damaging Harmonics through Monitoring – assess the impact on equipment by managing harmonics due to drives, soft starters, and inverter-based alternative energy power sources.
  • Reduce Costs by Collecting Power Factor per Circuit – correct worst scenarios that cause power system inefficiency, to improve voltage stability, reduce line losses, and eliminate transformer upgrades.
  • Protect Your Power System Data with Cyber Security – alleviate IT department concerns with NERC-CIP compliant Resilient Cyber Security™. Encrypted passwords and communication, role-based authorization, digital firmware signatures, physical seals, and more, prevent attacks on your data.
  • Bring Data Back to Third Party Systems, including SCADA and Billing, Simultaneously – up to six independent communication ports that support Modbus, DNP3 Level 2, IEC 61850, IEEE C37.118 synchrophasor communication, webserver, and email on alarm, create a communication hub to multiple software systems, including synchrophasor systems.

Energy Management

  • Drive Energy Conservation – provide actual energy usage to tenants/energy users to drive energy saving behavior. Up to 15% savings are realized through submetering and energy awareness alone.
  • Use AI to Reduce Costly Demand Charges – predict and react before costs are incurred. Demand charges can be high as 50% of a facility’s actual consumption.
  • Identify Energy Inefficiencies – quickly identify highest contributors of energy usage. Energy Efficient buildings can consume up to 85% less power.
  • Prevent Costly Downtime – Identify Power Quality events within critical facilities and take proactive action before catastrophic events occur. 30-40% of all commercial downtime Is Power Quality related, up to $39B lost annually.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint – compare CO2 emissions Enterprise-wide to analyze total carbon footprint and reduce environmental impact.