Westbury, NY (Thursday, January 25, 2022) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces the highly anticipated version 5 release of its award winning EnergyPQA.com® AI driven energy management system. This system uniquely analyzes and calculates power quality risk within a commercial or industrial enterprise. The system will analyze all power quality monitoring equipped circuits and determine which circuit is most dangerous and needs to be improved.

EnergyPQA®’ s Risk Mitigation report uses AI analytics to grade and rank circuits from the most to least dangerous. Analytics are based on voltage conditions, current conditions, and harmonics. Using EnergyPQA®’s Risk Mitigation tools, an energy manager can improve electrical reliability, increase safety, and optimize capital expenditure costs. The Risk Mitigation C-Suite report provides a summary report that highlights critical issues; a benchmark report that compares facilities and uncovers hidden issues; and a single facility performance report that enables corrective action by identifying problem circuits.

EnergyPQA® is a cloud-based energy management system that is readily available for most industrial and commercial applications.

For more information on the EnergyPQA.com® system and its new features, visit its webpage: