Looking for ways to improve your business’s bottom line? Consider installing power monitoring equipment in your building. Electro Industries has helped data centers, hospitals, manufacturing plants, property managers, and utility companies improve their bottom line for 40 years.


What Our Products Do | Electro IndustriesWhat Our Products Do

Our power monitoring equipment simplifies energy management. With our complete line of products, you’ll be able to easily and accurately identifying power consumption and inefficiencies. This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to create a green energy saving program and cut power costs.


Submeters | Electro Industries


Our submeters simplify energy management and eliminate the need for outsourcing. With our complete line of products, you’ll be able to seamlessly facilitate billing your tenants. Our EnergyReporter EXT software will automatically bill your customers every month and allow them to conveniently pay online.


Power Quality Analyzers | Electro Industries

Power Quality Analyzers

Our power quality analyzers can track both the quantity and quality of the energy that you’re consuming. This will allow you to reduce your load and have a more reliable stream of energy with little downtime. Our software can even send you real-time email alerts when complications are detected.


Electro Industries has been manufacturing high-quality energy meters, submeters, and power quality analyzers since 1975. That’s why the world trusts us with all of their power monitoring needs. Contact us today for more information and speak with one of our trained associates: 866-928-7908.