Westbury, NY (Thursday, April 24, 2014) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) releases a low-voltage power supply for its Nexus 1500 advanced power quality monitor. The new power supply option is UL rated at (18-60) VDC to support 24-48VDC systems. This option joins the high-voltage 100-240VDC/VAC power supply options currently available for the power meter. This new option allows the Nexus 1500 power meter to be used in applications wherein the Monitor needs to remain on, in order to record power quality events when the AC mains voltage becomes unstable. This feature makes the Nexus 1500 power meter ideal for low-voltage substation DC battery supply applications for Utility, Telecom, Military and many other critical applications.

Advanced technical capabilities of the Nexus 1500 power meter include:

  • 10 MHz resolution Transient capture for high performance waveform recording
  • 1 GB of storage memory for extensive logging and power quality recording
  • Dual 100BaseT Ethernet communication for simultaneous access to multiple networks, with Modbus, DNP 3.0, and IEC 61850 protocol support
  • A 256 color touch-screen user interface for viewing critical data
  • Compliance with multiple industry power quality and energy metering standards
  • Multiple communication ports, including USB and ANSI optical port
  • Embedded Web Server for viewing power meter data on PC, tablet, and smart phone browsers
  • Capability to act as an RTU Master via its serial ports
  • Capability to send multiple emails on programmed alarm conditions
  • Optional I/O, including: 16 Digital Inputs card, RJ45 Ethernet card, Fiber Optic card, RS485/KYZ Pulse card, and Relay Output cards