Any good energy management system has two components: hardware and software. The hardware is the physical equipment, such as meters and submeters, that track energy consumption. The software refers to the computer applications which display and organize the vast amounts data collected by the hardware.


If you are looking to invest in energy management software for your company, make sure it has these five features:


Meter configuration and monitoring. First and foremost, your energy management software should be able to connect to your power monitoring meters and submeters. Ideally, the configuration process should be automatic, and your software should continuously monitor meter health and report any problems.


Real-time energy information. In the world of energy management, real-time data is invaluable. Compared to interval data, which only generates every 24-48 hours, real-time data provides you with in-the-moment insights, making it easier to understand your facility’s energy consumption and locate weaknesses.


Historical data access. Access to historical data is just as important as access to real-time data. If you cannot view your energy consumption data from last year, how can you tell if you are improving?


Power quality analysis. Not all energy is created equal. If you are not receiving a steady stream of reliable power from your supplier, costly outages can occur. If your energy management software doesn’t have power quality analysis capabilities, you have no defense against potential lapses in your power supply.


Reporting capabilities. All of this wonderful data means nothing if there’s no way to access and understand it. Your energy management software should offer a reporting dashboard that automatically populates important information in a concise, easy-to-read report.


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