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Dual Factor Authentication, Load Disaggregation, and Degree Days Added to EnergyPQA.com® System
Release 4B 4/27/21

Dual Factor Authentication

Dual (two) factor authentication has been added to further improve the system’s security. You must now enter a verification code, in addition to your username and password, to log on to the system. You will be prompted to set up cell phone or email notification of the code.

EnergyPQA Energy Management – What’s New

Load Disagreggation

Load disaggregation breaks out discrete energy loads within a facility, to identify inefficiencies and to proactively predict equipment failure within facility areas.

EnergyPQA Energy Management – What’s New

Degree Days

Degree days charts are useful for energy usage analysis and resource planning. In addition to energy usage, degree days consider a building’s heating or cooling needs based on the outside temperature. A degree day is calculated by comparing the day’s temperature to a temperature, e.g., 65 °F, that doesn’t require building heating or cooling. The degree days are shown in the chart along with the energy usage for that day. Predicted degree days are also shown for future dates, for instance from the current date through the end of the month.

EnergyPQA Energy Management – What’s New

Discover Innovations in EnergyPQA.com®

Enterprise-Level Reporting Provides Analysis for Your Complete Business –
Release 4 2/8/21

With the EnergyPQA Energy Management system, you can perform analysis of your energy usage enterprise-wide. The EnergyPQA Energy Management system’s enterprise level reporting lets you compare the following, for each of your facilities:

  • Total energy usage
  • Energy used per square foot
  • Energy used per occupant

Enterprise Reporting

Top Ten Facility Energy Usage

Top 10 Facility Energy Usage

Calculate CO2 Footprint per Facility or Enterprise-Wide

In addition, you can view CO2 footprint, which lets you analyze the carbon footprint per facility and for your total enterprise, measuring your impact on the environment.

  • Total usage for the past five years, for energy, energy per square foot, energy per occupant, and CO2 footprint
  • Top ten facilities for usage and predicted usage through the end of the month
  • Enterprise usage comparison between current year and prior year, for each facility

Top 10 Facility CO2 Output

And you can view predicted energy usage through the end of the month and year and the usage change from the prior month and year, for your enterprise and for each facility. The EnergyPQA Energy Management system’s enterprise comparison feature also lets you view the above graphs.

Virtual Meters and Meter Totalization

This release also includes meter totalization allows users to aggregate loads. For instance, the user can define all plug loads, lighting loads, aggregate meters for a depiction of the meter main. This is essential for many jurisdictional requirements. Also, meter totalization is very useful for submetering, cost allocation and other energy sub-billing requirements.


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