If your business is implementing a company-wide energy management solution, having the right hardware is only half of the battle. Your power meters could be hard at work collecting data, but if you don’t have a software solution to take advantage of this, you won’t be maximizing your potential benefits.

At Electro Industries, our power meters work hand-in-hand with our software solutions. Read below to learn how the two technologies work together, and how this synergistic approach makes us a worldwide leader in the energy management industry:

  • Meter Set Up & Configuration. Identify newly-installed power meters and add them to your network. Software can automatically detect new meters by scanning configurable IP address ranges.

  • Access to Real Time & Historical Data. The energy meters and submeters from Electro Industries collect all kinds of data, including voltage, current, power, and more. Our software gives users the ability to access all of this data in real time, or to go back and look at historical logs.

  • Energy Reporting & Benchmarking. Automatically generate reports to provide executives with a clear, concise look at every aspect of their energy consumption. Reporting capabilities include monthly usage summaries, peak profiles, average usage, benchmark comparisons, and more.

  • Power Quality Analysis. Our Communicator EXT solution allows you to calculate power quality on a scatter graph. All power quality problems are automatically stored for future analysis, and automatic email alerts can be set up when certain conditions are met.

  • Monitor Meter Health. MeterManager EXT will automatically scan your fleet of meters to ensure they are all online and functioning properly. Status can be viewed in an easy-to-read status bar, assuring problems can be identified and responded to in a timely fashion.

  • Automatic Customer Billing. If you are a utility provider or property manager, you need to charge your customers/tenants for the electricity that they use. Our EnergyReporter EXT application automatically generates and emails bills on a monthly basis, eliminating the need for costly third-party service providers.

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