If you have ever stepped foot on a college campus, you can probably imagine the massive amounts of energy required to keep it running. According to Energy Star, educational facilities across the United States spend about $14 billion on energy every year, with almost 30% of it going to waste due to inefficiencies.

With a professionally-installed power monitoring system, that number could drop drastically; helping schools save billions of dollars and reduce their carbon footprint. At Electro Industries, we have been manufacturing world-class power metering equipment for over 40 years and have seen our products make a difference at schools across the country.

Here is how our power meters can help your educational facility:

Increase awareness of energy consumption campus-wide.

By installing submeters and displays across your campus, you are bringing attention to the issue. This added awareness can help foster energy savings because students and staff will be more conscientious in their energy consumption, resulting in savings of up to 15%.

Identify areas where energy savings can be attained.

Submeters provide key energy information that allows facility engineers and financial managers to see exactly where how their energy is being used. This data can be examined to find inefficiencies and areas where improvement is needed. Common problem areas include student housing, science and computer labs, cafeterias, and retail stores.

Implement energy savings programs and monitor their progress.

Once you identify areas that need improvement, you can begin to design programs to help cut energy consumption. Once these programs have fully been implemented across your campus, you can continue to use your power monitoring software to track the effectiveness of your program and strive for continual improvement.

Meet energy guidelines and qualify for government money.

If you are applying for government certifications such as becoming an LEED Building, there are certain requirements that you have to meet. EIG’s submeters can help you adhere to all energy guidelines and potentially help you qualify for government rebates.

Want to learn more? Click here to see how our energy meters are being used right now at the University of Buffalo.

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