We at Electro Industries/Gauge Tech would like to share some electrical jargon that may come in handy.


Here is a list of frequently used words or verbiage you may run into on our site or speaking with us.

  • Revenue Grade Meters are power production meters, they measure to +/- 2% accuracy per the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) rule C12.1-2008. RGMs  remain accurate regardless of electrical or environmental conditions. They come in local models that are read at the site by a human being and remote models that transmit usage data to be read elsewhere.
  • Advanced Telemetry the transmission for monitoring of your electrical data to a central location.
  • The Smart Grid is a network of electricity saving devices.
  • Power Quality is a steady supply of voltage delivered at a rate within acceptable ranges.


  • Current is electrons following a wire. The uninteruppted flow of those electrons is continuity. The appliances and gadgets those electrons are enroute to is the load.
  • Wire and line are synonyms, some sort of electrical conduit. Other wiring terms include:\
    • Live or hot wire-carries voltage from the electrical source to the load.
    • Neutral wire-carries voltage free current from the load back to the source.
    • Circuit-the path electricity follows from the source and back again.
  • Electricity flows to what it is powering at a rate measured in Amperes or simply AmpsOhms gauge resistance and conductivity. More Ohms means more resistance fewer Ohms less resistance.
  • The term for the amount of energy used is wattage or power. Wattage equals voltage x amps.
  • Voltage is the pressure that drives electrons through a wire.

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