nexus 1500

The Nexus 1500 is EIG’s most popular high performance power monitor. It is a transient recording energy meter with advanced power quality monitoring and communication capabilities.

The Nexus 1500 is the number one choice of users around the world who need a reliable instrument to measure their power quality and consumption levels. Whether you need to comply with legal standards or contractual obligations, the Nexus 1500 can reliably and accurately track your energy, and relay this information through up to six communication channels.

Here are some key features of our Nexus 1500 high performance power monitor:

  • Industry-leading Class A power quality analyzer.
  • 1 GB of onboard storage.

  • Communication engine with six high-speed communication ports.

  • RTU and revenue meter for highly-critical metering applications.

  • Auto-calibrating revenue meter with precision measurement.

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting options.

  • Generates weekly reports which are stored for multiple years.

  • Smartphone/tablet compatible!

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a municipal energy provider, the Nexus 1500 can meet and exceed your energy tracking needs. It is the most advanced power monitoring product available on the market, providing you with a total picture of energy usage and power quality from anywhere in your network. You can manage peak demand, generate email notifications, trigger alarms in certain situations, view years of past data, and more from one device.

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