Looking for more information about real-time energy monitoring? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s some of your most commonly-asked questions answered by the power monitoring professionals at Electro Industries.

Q: What is real-time energy monitoring?

A: A real-time energy monitoring system is a series of meters and computer software that allows you to view how much energy your facility is consuming in real time.


Q: What benefits does real-time energy monitoring offer?

A: Access to energy consumption data in real time is invaluable. With this information readily available, you can easily pinpoint areas of inefficiency within your building and develop programs to improve on these weak points. Many of Electro Industries‘ customers have reported reducing energy consumption by 20% or more after installing our products. Less energy usage doesn’t just lower your utility bills and operating costs, it also reduces your carbon footprint and makes your business more marketable to the public.


Q: What kind of businesses can benefit from real-time energy monitoring?

A: Any kind of business can benefit from real-time energy monitoring. If your facility runs on electricity, we can help you use less of it. Our power monitoring instruments are currently installed in manufacturing factories, shopping malls, hospitals, apartment complexes, college campuses, data centers, and more!


Q: Is real-time energy monitoring difficult to implement?

A: Not when you have a team of experts guiding you through the entire process. Our team will install your system of energy meters and teach you the ins and outs of our user-friendly software interface, allowing you to save as much energy as possible with minimal effort.


Q: How can I get started with real-time energy monitoring for my business?

A: Getting started with real-time energy monitoring is as simple as contacting the experts at Electro Industries. With more than 40 years of experience and thousands of instruments installed around the world, there is no reason to trust anybody else with your power monitoring needs. Visit our website to learn more, or give us a call: 866-928-7908

We hope this covered some of the highlights of real time energy meter reading.