In the world of business, mistakes happen. Unfortunately, these mistakes could be costing your company hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. One of these mistakes can potentially be found every month on your utility statement.

Many of us blindly pay our energy bills each month; taking a look at how much we owe and cutting the check without questions. But what you may not know is that your bill might not always be 100% accurate. Here are three potential reasons for why you could be overpaying for your utilities:

Reason #1: Meter error.

Utility meters installed at your facility track your energy consumption and supply this information to the utility company. Most of these meters are not checked or maintained after their initial installation, making it easy for problems to go undetected.

Reason #2: Data processing problems.

Even if your meters are accurate, errors may still occur somewhere along the line of communication. Energy meters relay information to the utility company, which then relays this information back to you in the form of a bill. If there is a small mistake in these numbers, your energy supplier may not notice, but your wallet definitely will.

Reason #3: Inaccurate rates.

Electricity rates can vary based on different times of the day, days of the week, seasons in the year, peak demands, and more. With so many variables to take into account, it is easy to see how something could go wrong.

How can you make sure that your utility bills are accurate?

The most reliable way to ensure you are being billed fairly is by investing in an energy management system, or EMS. Using a series of power meters and computer software, an EMS allows you to monitor your facility’s energy consumption in real time. You can then compare your monthly energy bill to your own data to see if it matches up.

Energy management systems are a great way for businesses to reduce energy waste, improve profit margins, and lessen their impact on the environment. To learn more about how an EMS can benefit your business, call Electro Industries at (866) 928-7908.