Electro Industries is proud to introduce the new standard in compact power metering: the Shark 200. This ultra-compact, panel-mounted power metering device proves that big things do come in small packages.

The Shark 200 power meter combines industry-leading revenue metering functionality with advanced data logging and communication capabilities typically only found in high-cost systems. We designed the Shark 200 specifically to offer world-class industrial revenue metering power in a small, cost-effective product.

Some key features of the Shark 200 power meter include:

  • 0.2% class revenue certifiable energy and demand metering

  • Expandable I/O with 100BaseT Ethernet

  • V-Switch key technology upgrade

  • Extensive data logging

  • Power quality recording

  • Embedded web server with smartphone and tablet support

  • DNP 3.0 over Ethernet

  • IEC 61850 protocol


With our exclusive V-Switch key technology upgrade, you can add features to the meter without removing it from installation. The data logging capabilities allow the Shark 200 to display historical data for up to 64 parameters, and it also logs system resets and settings changes in order to protect critical billing information.

You can use the Shark 200 for a multitude of industrial functions, such as:

  • Utility metering

  • Substations

  • Power generation

  • Submetering

  • Commercial metering

  • Industrial metering

  • Campus metering

  • Analog meter replacement

  • Voltage recording


If you want to learn more about the Shark 200, click here to view our product brochure. If you are interested in buying one for your facility, call one of our associates at 866-928-7908.