Shark Submeters Comparison Chart

Power Meter and Energy Management SystemShark Submeters Comparison Chart
 Shark 100SShark 200SMP200
Shark 100S Electric SubmeterShark 200S Advanced Data Logging Submeter with WiFiShark MP200 Multi-Point Energy Meter
Typical Application Uses
Commercial SubmeteringCommercial SubmeteringMulti-Circuit Submetering
Physical Features
Power on LED
Display Options
Color Touchscreen Display
Easy to read

Meter Features

Basic Measurements and Accuracy
ANSI C12.20 Accuracy Class0.2S0.2S0.5S
Stated Energy Accuracy %0.2%0.2%0.5%
Number of 3 Phase Circuits118
Current Class 2 and Class 20 CombinationClass 2 or Class 10Class 2 or Class 10Class 2 or Class 10
Number of Current inputs3324
Frequency Range45 to 65 Hz45 to 65 Hz45 to 65 Hz
Voltage Range 0-690 V Line to Line0-721 Volts Line to Line0-721 Volts Line to Line0-721 Volts Line to Line
Voltage Pickup10 V AC10 V AC
Current PickupClass10 (5 mA)/Class 2 (1 mA)
Advanced Revenue Measurements
Transformer and Line Loss Compensation
CT & PT Compensation
Accuracy Test Pulse
4 GB Memory2 MB32 MB
8 Programmable Historical Logs3 historical logs2 historical logs
Limit Log
I/O Log
System Events Log
Power Quality
Programmable Alarm Alerts
Harmonics7th order for current and up
to the 3rd order for voltage
Waveform Sampling RateSampling at 400+ Samples per CycleSampling at 400+ Samples per CycleSampling at 400+ Samples per Cycle
Field Upgrades (V-Switches)
KYZ Inputs
Relay Outputs
KYZ Pulse Outputs

Time Synchronization
End of Interval Pulse
RTC Clock AccuracyWith clock±3.5 ppm max. (±0.3024 second/day) over the rated temperature range
Optical Ports/IRDA PortIRDA (1-S)IRDA (1-S)
6 simultaneously operating communication ports223
Max # of Communication Ports334
Modbus TCP/IP
DNP3 Level 2 Communication with Secure DNP Stack
RJ45 Ethernet


802.11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth802.11 Wi-Fi (1-O)802.11 Wi-Fi (1-O)802.11 Wi-Fi (1-O)
MV90 Support
IPV4 with DHCP
(without DHCP)

(without DHCP)

(without DHCP)
Data Rates1 second, 100 milliseconds1 second, 100 milliseconds1 second
Standards Conformity
UL6010UL 61010-1UL 61010-1UL 61010-1
ANSI C12.20.1 Class 0.10.2S0.2S0.5S
IEC 62053-22 0.2% Energy0.5S
REACH Compliance
ROHS Compliance
Power Supply and Environmental
85 TO 305 V AC or 100 to 140 V DC90 to 400) V AC and (100 to 370) V DC.

Universal AC/DC Supply
90 to 400) V AC and (100 to 370) V DC.

Universal AC/DC Supply
(90-300) V AC @ 50/60 Hz
TemperatureStorage: (-20 to +70) °C
Operating: (-20 to +70) °C
Storage: (-20 to +70) °C
Operating: (-20 to +70) °C
Storage: (-20 to +60) °C / (-4 to +140) °F
Operating: (0 to +50) °C / (+32 to +122) °F
Humidity95% RH (Non-condensing)95% RH (Non-condensing)95% RH (Non-condensing)
IP Rating meterIP30IP30
IP Rating displayIP30IP30
7.9H x 7.5W x 3.1D in7.9H x 7.5W x 3.1D in12.81(L) x 15.31(W) x 8.13(H)in.
Case DesignPlasticPlasticMetal

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