Many business owners are under the impression that making their workplace sustainable is expensive — and it can be. However, there are a few simple ways you can improve your building’s sustainability without breaking the bank.

  • Upgrade Outdated Equipment: Using old and outdated equipment in your building, instead of modern upgrades, can double (if not triple) your energy costs. While it’s not necessarily realistic to replace all of your office equipment, start by replacing one item at a time.
  • Examine Your HVAC System: Heating and cooling is an enormous expense in office buildings. How can you lower your HVAC costs? Start by sealing air leaks, getting an HVAC tune-up, replacing your air filters, and adding insulation.
  • Power Down: You wouldn’t go to work and leave your home with all the lights and electronics running all day, would you? So why are you leaving your building’s lights, computers, and equipment running overnight after everyone’s gone home for the day? Powering down in the evenings and on weekends can save you more money than you may realize.
  • Install an Energy Management System: You can drastically improve your building’s sustainability by installing an energy management system. This can actually slash wasted energy by up to 20-percent! Our power meters and submeters provide real-time data about how much energy your facility is using — so you can identify inefficiencies and develop power saving programs to reduce your overall electrical consumption.

Electro Industries’ energy management systems are installed in some of the world’s largest corporations, utility providers, and government entities. For 40 years we’ve been a leader in power monitoring equipment. Browse our products online, or contact us at 866-928-7908 to learn more.