Go Green – Go LED Lighting

Have you been hearing about LED light bulbs? Are you thinking about making the switch over to this bulb type? LEDs (Light emitting diodes) light bulbs are appearing in the marketplace with uses that range from household use and car headlights to traffic lights. What makes this type of light bulb so popular and why should you use them? Here is some information about the LED light bulbs:

LED bulb

  • They are very safe to use because they emit very little heat. This means that they are less likely to cause a fire or personal injury. Cooler to the touch than regular bulbs, which means when it’s time to switch them out, you will not be playing hot potato with a glass bulb.


  • These bulbs are designed with solid-state construction so glass breakage is a thing of the past. Thanks to this tougher exterior, they can withstand nicks / knocks better than regular bulbs.


  • LED lights are silent and replace bulbs that can hum, tick, ping, or thrum and otherwise distracting.


  • Cost is always a consideration and LED bulbs can last over 100,000 hours (about 11 years) doubling the life use of the fluorescent bulbs. They are a tad bit pricier than standard bulbs, but they last so much longer. It reduces the replacement of incandescent light bulbs by twenty times.
    Other types of light bulbs are prone to dimming over time while the LED maintains their true colors throughout the life of its use.


  • The versatility of the LED bulb is still being discovered. Color and shape are almost unlimited as well as being a cool light needing very low energy to perform up to full brightness. LED lights don’t require filters to produce an unlimited array of colorful lighting. These lights lend themselves to dimming without yellowing and will retain their true color under varying levels of intensity.


  • The light beam of an LED can be directed and focused without the use of reflectors and lenses which can allow them to be used in smaller spaces. These bulbs are very quick as they produce a full bright light in microseconds. If a quick reaction time is needed, such as brake lights, this is an improved choice for a bulb.


  • This can lower light usage costs as well. Unlike the compact fluorescent bulbs, mercury is not found in LED light bulbs. Mercury is poison to humans and animals. LED lights are safer to use and do not add mercury to the landfill.


  • When lit, these bulbs are a green alternative lighting source by reducing carbon dioxide emissions due to using less electricity. As there has been more demand from the public, LED lights have become available in most all socket sizes. Replacing older style light bulbs will reduce your electricity bill monthly and these bulbs will literally pay for themselves over time.